HES3D Concealed Hinges

HES3D is a combination of top quality and precision design. With its unique features and simple installation, the HES series continues to demonstrate why architects, contractors and businesses continue to choose the innovative HES3D concealed hinges. Discover the difference and find a concealed hinge to

HES3D Series Overview

Wide Range of Sizes and Applications

Find a hinge to meet your specifications with the HES 3D Selection Tool:

Special Design Features

Completely Hidden Screws

The HES3D series completely hide their screw connections after installation.

Square Shape

Square shape edges on the HES3D-E190, HES3D-160 and HES3D-120 allow for harmony of design with square doors and square flaps.

Thin Profile

HES3D-90 and HES3D-70 have a thin profile which allows for easier installation on door frames.

Seven Pins

Precision engineering for more balanced weight distribution.

  • The HES3D-E190, HES3D-160, and HES3D-120 passed 300,000 private cycle tests.
  • The HES3D-70 passed 50,000 private cycle tests.
Easy to install

Hanging door installation feature significantly simplifies installation.

Colour Coordination

Specific custom order colour customizations are available. Please inquire with us directly for more information.

3-Way Adjustment

Easy to adjust on 3 separate dimensions post installation.

Concealed Hinges For Glass

The HES3D-90/HES3D-120 can be combined with the HES3D-G90BKT/HES3D-G120BKT glass bracket to be used on glass showcases for a luxurious yet sleek look.

Recommended Combinations

Recommended door damper and door closer combinations for the HES3D series.



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