Crafted Finishes

Metal hardware can be enhanced with many different styles and colours
including mirror and satin finishes.




Printing/Special Treatment

Our commitment to crafted finishes

Sugatsune's LAMP brand hardware not only has high functionality and great designs but also meticulously prepared crafted finishes.
Interior and furniture hardware may be small but each piece stands out.
Our commitment to interior and furniture is that along with top design and function, hardware must also be visually stunning.
Sugatsune pays attention to the smallest details of finishes.

Mirror finishes that resembles a real mirror.

At first glance, our mirror finishes immediately appear different.
Without distortions, the flat surface has been polished to resemble a mirror.
Something only accomplishable with experience and high level techniques.
By taking the extra effort to polish to a great deal of precision,
the inherent beauty of metal becomes visible to the naked eye.

An example of a LAMP product
with a reflection like a mirror.

Most commonly seen type of polish.
The scratches and distortions stand out.

Satin "ripples" create a silklike texture

Satin finishes visually change depending on the strokes position, length and distance.
Our satin finishes are silky fine, and is characterized by a sense of precise uniformity.

High level techniques create lines of light

Different finishes can be incorporated into a single product.
The highest level of polishing skill is evident in the fine, straight lines without distortion.

Metal finishes not limited to simply silver and gold.

Is that a leather hook?
No, it is actually metal hardware.

Leathery like environments can be created except with higher precision and more resistance to real leather.
When looking for product solutions, many issues can be solved through Sugatsune's commitment to finishes.

Challenging new horizons

Traditional Japanese pottery like finishes

Pottery shrinks during shaping which made precise control of dimensions difficult. With Sugatsune's high quality control processes, we were able to overcome these issues and manufacture this type of finish.

Printing on hardware??

The technology to precision print on top of metal hardware. With a balance between the original colouring of metal and the feeling of paper, after numerous attempts, we were able to succeed in producing the exact colour we wanted to.

Bringing the beauty of lacquer to you

From the desire to create products that match Japanese interiors, we arrived at UV lacquer technology which creates products with a beautifully rich and deep colour.

Endless finish possibilities

Even with the same material, different finishes can create very different visual expressions.
Even with niche colours and finishes, rely on Sugatsune, which has been producing hardware for over 90 years.

Made to last

The vast majority of Sugatsune's products are designed to support people's lifestyles over a long period of time. For that purpose, we have made numerous improvements to our finishes. For instance, by coating this matte black hook with a special chromate, it provides both high corrosion resistance and also a desirable glossiness.

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