Our Craftsmanship - The Beauty of Brass

What is brass?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, with a minimum content of 20% for the later. Certain instruments, such as trumpets or horn are made of this material, leading to part of the orchestra to be called the brass section. Brass is also used to make 5 yen coins and Buddhist altars.

The properties and color of brass vary depending on the ratio of copper to zinc, with the color generally becoming lighter as the ratio of zinc increases and redder as it decreases. With a specific gravity of 8.45, it is heavier than a similar sized piece of stainless steel, which has a specific gravity of 7.7 to 7.9. Another feature of this product is that it is easy to process, can be plated, painted or polished, allowing for a large range of shapes and finishes. A simple difference of finish can significantly change the visual expression and appearance of a piece of hardware. An aged finish makes it suitable for antique interiors, while a shiny polish makes it suitable for modern and luxurious interiors.

A material that is highly popular in Europe

In Europe, when people move into a new house, they bring a lot of furniture from their previous house. Perhaps it is because of this culture of cherishing and using old and good things, that brass, although a luxury material, is highly popular in Europe. By using brass for hooks and towel holders, you can enjoy a different kind of interior design. Since brass is often made by casting, in which a mold is made and molten brass is poured into the mold individually, the price is higher than mass-produced products using plates, but this is also the reason why you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Products that use brass

Sugatsune mainly uses them for hooks, switch and outlet covers, handles, and towel holders. We have a lineup of products with a variety of textures, from aged products that have a rugged vintage look to products with a clear coating that locks in the beautiful shine of brass.

Beautiful hooks created by artisanal processing techniques and polishing

Brass double hook with ball PXB-BN05 from the Brass Nouveau Series is manufactured by pouring molten brass into a mold to make a prototype, then pressing it with a mold from both sides using a manufacturing method called forging, and polishing the protruding parts to shape them. The technique of polishing to make the connection between the arm and the sphere at the tip smooth while maintaining the outline of the sphere is truly a work of art.

The surface of each part is polished in the same direction for a beautiful finish. In addition, the arm and the base are polished separately, and then combined at the end of the process to ensure that they are polished to the very edge of the joint.

Moreover, as hooks are designed to hold weight, and resistance should therefore be a key factor. Forging allows for much higher level of material strength than the usually used die casting method.

Special manufacturing process creates a vintage look and feel

The Aged Cast Series, Aged Screw Series, and Aged Base Series are formed by pouring hot molten brass into a mold made of sand. (With some exceptions) The molds are made through a combination of experience and ingenuity. Products are made with "nests", or indentations, to create a unique cast surface.

After that, a special material is applied to it and then it is baked, artificially causing changes such as corrosion and rust to occur, giving it a unique, vintage look. This is a one-of-a-kind product that is processed by hand in Japan, and no two pieces are alike.

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