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  • Under Mount / Self and Soft Closing
  • 2020

  • Self and Soft Closing
  • Self & Soft Closing
●Full extension (3 members).
●Slides are hidden from view. (under mount)
●Self and soft closing: 30 mm from closed position
●Drawers can be easily detached with the lever.
●With 3-way adjustment.
- Vertical : 2.5 mm
- Depth : 3 mm
- Horizontal : ±1.5 mm
Recommended Screw
●Countersunk head tapping screw 3.5

Drawings / Illustrations

  • [Self and Soft Closing]
  • [Full Extension] (3 Members)
  • [Drawer Fixing/Adjustment Clip Layout Diagram]
  • [Mounting Drawer Fixing/Adjustment Clip]
    Mount screws Ⓑ after turning lever Ⓐ 90° in the arrow direction.
    After mounting, return it to the original position.
    *Fixing to the bottom plate is optional.
  • [2020-250]
  • [2020-270]
  • [2020-300/350/400/450/500]
  • [2020-550/600]
  • [Y detail]




●See the front panel fixing clip mounting illustration for drawer fixing/adjustment clip mounting.
●Do not push the drawers forcefully in when the soft closing mechanism is operating. Otherwise, oil leaks will occur.

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