Corner Connector PJ Series

Easy Connecting Aluminium Frame

For Single-groove

For Double-groove

  • — No nut or pre-positioning is required, reducing installation time.
  • — Can be used with a wide range of aluminium frames.
  • — Clean appearance.
  • — Type with screw hole for mounting panel also available.

One-touch Connector

For Single-groove

One-touch Connector

One-touch Connector [Post-installation Type]

  • — Only 1 screw is necessary for installation.
  • — Only 3 parts allows for easy installation.
  • — Can be post-installed to aluminium frame.

For Double-groove

Component Example - Inner connector: 2 pcs, Connector cover: 1 pc, Screws: 2 pcs

  • — Can be installed to aluminium frame with 2 grooves.
  • — Only 5 parts allows for easy installation.

Application Example & Panel Installation

When installing to single-groove aluminium frame

When installing to double-groove aluminium frame

As shown in the figure above, acrylic panel can be installed to the connector with screw hole at one side.

The AS system allows for a range of functional components, such as hinges and catches, to be added to the aluminium frame post-installation.

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