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An original brand of Sugatsune quality

LAMP brand represents our answers to numerous manufacturing challenges and Sugatsune's commitment to quality and function is evident in the design, construction, material selection, finishing, and quality control of our products.  Learn more...

Enriching the meaning of "Manufacturing"

Through fostering originality and innovation, persistence to cultivate Sugatsune's manufacturing capabilities has produced unique functionality and new value within its products.

Product Development
Product Development

The creativity and ability to create new products

Sugatsune recognises originality as a key component to creating products that are long time favourites in the market and that can also drive sales. With enhancing originality comes increasing difficulty to conceptualise and make original products. But by challenging these hurdles, a new and tailored market can be conceived.

Core Technology

A legacy of expertise

Sugatsune's Motion Design Tech delivers specialised movements solutions such as "soft motion," "free-stop motion," and "power assist motion" for a better user experience. Cultivated over the decades, Sugatsune can provide highly original, reliable, and quality products with Motion Design Tech technologies worldwide.


Commitment to Functional Design

Design is no longer just about shape and colour. To deepen the meaning of "design," practicality and functionality have become integral elements in the Sugatsune manufacturing development process. Without ignoring the traditional design approach, resulting products undoubtedly possess a distinct visually appealing quality.

Product Variety

A product lineup to meet all needs

With over 30,000 products in its lineup, Sugatsune can quickly and accurately meet the needs of its customers. Moreover, support for specialised custom made items is also available.

Our Factory

Motion Design Tech Laboratory

Sugatsune has it's own exclusive factory and within its facilities is a development research centre specializing in motion design. It is here that Sugatsune's new and unique technologies emerge.


Contact us for made-to-order products

Sugatsune can meet the needs of various customer requests including customised finishes, customised dimension processing and function addition, customised features, and full product development. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Distribution Centres

The strength of an extensive inventory

Sugatsune has two distribution centres in Japan (Chiba and Osaka), and have a combined floor area of over 34,500m². With a focus on prompt shipment to customers, Sugatsune strives to keep a robust variety of products in stock at all times.

Global Expansion

Business partners in over 80 countries

As a world-class manufacturer with an abundant product supply, outstanding after-sales support, and exceptional design consulting, Sugatsune is able to partake and grow in the global business sphere.

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