Commitment to the Environment

Environmental Activities

Despite the boundlessness of nature, current human activities threaten the ability of our planet to replenish itself. These activities threaten the continuing existence of all human beings. Sugatsune recognizes our own role and responsibility in limiting our environmental impact. We all have a role to play in protecting this planet for ourselves and future generations.

Sugatsune takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously and actively promotes environmentally responsible activities.

On December 13th 2002, Sugatsune Kogyo’s MDT Production Division – Chiba Factory and Logistics Division – Logistics Center obtained environmental management ISO14001 certification.**

**Scope: Design, development and production of furniture fittings, building hardware, machinery hardware, electronic and communication equipment, steel furniture and lobby furnishings.

Our Environmental Mandate

Sugatsune recognizes that when it comes to the environment, we all have a role to play in protecting this planet for ourselves and future generations. Sugatsune will promote its products and activities in a way that reduces its environmental impact and uses materials which are harmless to the environment where possible. We will concentrate on the following items:

Sugatsune will provide environmentally friendly products to our customers while considering the entire product lifecycle beginning from its design. It will consider the durability, recyclability, biodegradability. and environmental harmlessness of our processes, uses and materials.

Sugatsune will comply with laws and regulations for environmental preservation. In order to reduce our environmental impact, Sugatsune will continue to reduce consumption of electricity, limit, to the greatest extent possible, all waste from the manufacturing process, to promote recycling and ensure that all objects are correctly placed by type, and to promote planting trees and greenery. Every one of our employees fully understands the need to reduce our use of electricity, fuels and other forms of energy. Our employees understand that environmental responsibility includes individual actions like reducing waste.

Sugatsune’s Chiba Production Division (Chiba Factory and Logistics Division) Logistics Center will continue to maintain its environment management system ISO14001.

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