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Our Passion for Design

In order to bring designers, builders, and the customer together, we have expanded the possibilities for hardware by carefully and rigorously designing each of our product. To meet our customers needs, we deliver with top quality, excellent service. This is our enduring commitment—right now, in the future and forever.

Function and Design Rich Hardware

Inventions without precedent

We combine the knowhow built up over almost a century with our innovative spirit and unique functions to build products with precision. Right now, it is almost common sense to have a soft-closing damper in kitchens and indoor cabinets. However, this idea was introduced to the world in 1989 with the release of Sugatsune’s SDS Soft Down Stay.

Not Just Hardware

If the application is simply opening and closing a flap, any regular hinge or lid stay is sufficient. Sugatsune’s hardware is not just about opening and closing. More convenient installations, making doors lighter, flaps that close gently after being released. From the perspective of the overall device, it may seem like small components, however our products add competitive value and desirable functionality to help make other things shine.

Design Excellence

If a switch outlet can turn power on and off, it will fulfill its purpose. Sugatsune’s products do not merely fulfill a basic purpose, it also enhances interiors, adding to our customer’s products designs coordinated to their needs. We have been recognized by many international design awards including the Good Design Award, one of the top 3 international awards.

Designing Convenience

For builders and contractors, we provide one touch installations to help speed up the process. For people who use machines, we provide features that make lifting flaps lighter and safer. For work areas where hygiene management is critical, we provide hardware that is easy to clean and where contaminants do not stick to easily. For all of our customers, we seek to provide them with convenient experiences.

Our factory / inspection equipment / R∓D and manufacturing staff

We run our own factory and inspection facilities. 15% of our staff are directly involved in R&D, product planning and manufacturing. From the tiniest requests to the most ideal forms, we are prepared to undertake all required processes.

Design without Compromise

For instance, in the search for the ultimate polish required for the Zwei L series. Combining both polished and satin finishes and using them together.

Even for a single finish, it is very difficult. Combining these two different finishes, not a single space is allowed to exist between them. Meticulous polish to create a surface that gives off a piercing light like a mirror.

While preserving its sharp impression, it is completed with the satin finish, used on luxury watches and jewelry. This type of surface treatment requires more than 5 times the amount of time broken into 15 different processes. Whether it is the edges or a slight protrusion, everything is executed to perfection which prevents the mirror like polish from having any distortions.

Our Carefully Selected Product Lineup

Our extensive general catalogues feature a wide variety of products. We carry a selection of over 20,000 different items, one of the largest in our industry–proof that the company has been meeting customer needs since it was founded in 1930.

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