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LIN-X1000 LIN-X1000
LIN-X1000 Portfolio

Secret Study Entrance
The Monoflat LIN-X Hinge was used for a concealed door at the entrance of a "Secret Study" room. By using the shelf as a handle, the door blends beautifully as a hidden feature in the wall.
(Constructed by Zensho Corporation, a construction company specialising in wooden homes)

HES3D-120 Portfolio HES3D-120 Portfolio

Lotus, Inc.'s "Workbooth Priws"
Lotus, Inc. has incorporated the HES3D-120 concealed hinge into the design of their work booth: a small, enclosed space designed for focused work or communication, often used in open-plan offices or public spaces such as libraries.
The hidden hinge design of the booth ensures an uninterrupted, high-quality surface when the booth is closed, elevating the overall aesthetic with a touch of luxury.

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