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At Sugatsune, our Japanese heritage means a lot to us. We are proud and privileged to be able to draw on such a rich and renowned tradition of precision engineering craftsmanship. Quality, attention to detail and superior design are values we apply to every component we make.
But to us, our engineering heritage is much about looking forward and outwards as it is backwards. We are a company that thrives on technical and technological innovation, constantly on the search for new and better solutions.
Over the years, this has allowed us to break new ground in component manufacturing multiple times, adding new functionality and new value to existing concepts. To our talented design and development specialists, every barrier is a problem to be solved, every breakthrough a new opportunity for improvement. By applying fresh, original thinking to even the most basic and mundane of components, we open up new possibilities for our customers.
All of this is underpinned by the fact that, at our core, we are a people company. Solving problems for our customers, presenting them with choices for every need, delivering performance, quality and value are what drives us. We back that up with an unwavering commitment to service, to listening to our customers, to meeting their expectations every time.
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