Commitment to Socially Responsible Procurement


Sugatsune Kogyo Co., Ltd recognises its responsibility for its impact on society and promotes CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) procurement to ensure that the company's activities are sound and help resolve the international issues.

As this initiative shall be undertaken throughout our supply chain, we strive to ensure that it permeates not only our own activities, but also those of our contractors’ and suppliers’.

Ⅰ. Human rights due diligence initiatives

Neither cause nor lead to negative impact on human rights through own activities, such as excessively long working hours, non-payment of wages, harassment, forced labour, child labour, violations of foreign workers' rights or trafficking in persons.

Ⅱ. Preventing the use of conflict minerals/illegally logged timber/hazardous substances

Promote the elimination of minerals that could invite human rights infringements in terms of their origin and distribution processes, illegally harvested timber and chemical substances that have harmful effects on the environment and human body.

Ⅲ. Elimination of armed forces/anti-social forces

Represent that we are not, were not, will not use or identify ourselves as an armed or anti-social force, and will neither damage our contractors’ or suppliers’ reputation or credibility, nor obstruct their business, nor make unreasonable demands to them.

Ⅳ. Prevention of corrupt practices

Neither cause nor lead to corrupt practices such as bribery, kickbacks, rigged tenders, extortion of benefits and illegal gratuities.

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