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Sagutsune Kogyo’s signature brand, LAMP has been lighting the way with quality, innovation and service for more than 70 years. With over 20,000 products covering an extensive range of architectural and furniture components, the LAMP mark has come to be renowned worldwide as a symbol of prestige and excellence.
Built on a foundation of world-class precision engineering, exceptional build quality, unrivalled choice and outstanding availability around the world, the LAMP brand has also set the agenda in cutting-edge component designs that have helped to revolutionize interior design.
A stand-out example is Lapcon - short for LAMP CONTROL - our patented controlled close technology available exclusively in LAMP products. Built around a versatile rotary damper that fits easily into many different types of component, Lapcon has made premium quality smooth motion control available in everything from concealed hinges to door dampers, with applications covering internal doors, sliding doors and partitions, wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, lids, flaps and more.

Zwei L

Zwei L is an ultra premium brand born of our conviction that the best impressions depend on the finest details. With our Zwei L range, we set out to elevate everyday architectural components - handles and pulls, hooks and hinges, latches and levers - above the ordinary and achieve a perfect balance of form and function.
The name Zwei L comes from Zwei Lichter, German for “dual light”. This is a reference to the contrasting finishes we apply to the premium grade SUS316 stainless steel used to manufacture all Zwei L products - one mirror, one satin, one flawlessly polished, the other finely textured, one that reflects light bright and lustrous, the other muted and soft.
To achieve this artisan effect, we use polishing techniques more commonly applied in the jewellery industry. In addition, the design of all Zwei L products is inspired by the “Golden Ratio”, the semi-symmetrical geometric balance found throughout nature.
The eye-catching play of light, the harmonious balance of proportions, the flawless craftsmanship and finest materials - all of thesecombine to make Zwei L the perfect complement to the most luxurious of interiors.


Swiss manufacturer Hawa Sliding Solutions is the global market and technology leader in sliding hardware systems. From doors, shutters, partitions and furniture to walls, Hawa specialises in sliding, folding and stacking systems for a wide range of applications in and out of buildings.
Part of the wider family of Sugatsune partner brands, Hawa products have been distributed by Sugatsune Kogyo UK for more than a decade. With the broad range of solutions available, the Hawa range helps our customers think outside the box about how they can use sliding and stacking systems to create more attractive and utilitarian spaces.


Another of our partner brands distributed by Sugatsune Kogyo UK, Italian firm O.M.M. specialises in the design and production of world-class metalware components for the furniture industry.
Covering a broad range of fixtures and fittings, O.M.M. products supplied by Sugatsune include high strength wardrobe adjuster bars that allow doors to be aligned once they are hung and also prevent warping. Our Reading distribution centre also stocks O.M.M. shelf supports and wall brackets which likewise allow for simple installation and multi-directional adjustment once a shelf unit or cabinet is mounted.


A genuine game changer in panel mounting systems, Sugatsune Kogyo UK is proud to be Fastmount’s exclusive distribution partner in Europe. The New Zealand-based company started out making panel systems for the marine sector, but its innovative, ingenious concept has now caught on in architectural interior design, recreational vehicles and the aviation industry, too.
Based on a unique clip system, what sets Fastmount apart from other panel mounting solutions is the way it combines complete flexibility with impeccable results. The robust fastenings engineered from industrial grade plastic allow panels made from all materials to be mounted in any order, and taken down and rearranged as many times as required. Because the clips are completely hidden, panels are left in perfect alignment every time.
Speed, simplicity, perfect results - a perfect fit with Sugatsune’s own brand values.
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