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Easy-to-Align Stays for Efficient Furniture Construction


No positioning required, speeding up the installation process!
Speed up furniture construction with stays that don't need meticulous positioning - simply align them to the edge of the cabinet for quick and easy installation on both upper and lower swinging doors, reducing installation time significantly.


Easy installation even for upper kitchen cabinets!


Key Issues

  1. Determining the position and marking the stay position was tedious and time-consuming.

Product Information



— A stay that opens door flaps slowly and quietly through lapcon technology.
— The unit can be easily installed by aligning the unit to the edge of the wood panel. (For uniaxial and drop hinges.)
— Mounting plates can also be easily positioned using a template.

*Information as of 20 May 2021.



— The stay was designed with LAPCON technology and has lift assist, free stop and soft down functions.
— To easily align the stay when installing a 19 mm overlay, place the body of the stay against the bottom of the top panel and align the front plate flush with the edge of the cabinet.

*Information as of 20 May 2021.


The Solution

  1. Aligning the body of the stay with the edge of the cabinet panel allowed for quick and easy installation of the stay. This significantly reduced the time needed to determine the stay position during the furniture design phase.

Easy installation just by aligning it with the edge.

Mounting conventional stays was difficult as it required precise measurements of the distance between the door, bottom panel, and stay. If these stays were not installed accurately, the screw holes had to be filled. Additionally, the positioning of the hinges varied slightly depending on the type of hinge used in conjunction with the stay. These detailed measurements during the product design stage were time-consuming and inefficient.

In contrast, the Compact Soft Down Stay CSD-10-TV model, which was used in a case study, was easy to install. All that was required was to align the main unit with the edge of the wood panel and fix it in place (*). This eliminated the troublesome positioning adjustments during the design phase and simplified the installation process. During installation, no position marking was required, allowing for quick and error-free installation.
*This is the case when the door and cabinet base plate are flat when the door flap is fully opened.
The mounting plate on the door is also easy to install on both the cabinet and door side, as the mounting position can be found by simply placing the template provided.

Easy installation even for upper kitchen cabinets!
Soft-close, lift-assist, and free-stop motions in one stay.


Make upward-opening doors on kitchen wall units and other high doors user-friendly with SLS-ELAN's free-stop functionality. No more doors that won't stay open once you let go.


*The product cover is removed in the above image.

The LAPCON STAY SLS-ELAN model utilized in this study provides a user-friendly experience. It allows for effortless opening and prevents the door from falling down when released. The stay also enables a slow and quiet closing. Moreover, it is evaluated for its capacity to reduce installation time due to its easy mounting process - simply align the body of the stay with the edge of the cabinet panel and secure it in place.

Sasuga-kun is a selection tool that automates calculations and helps you choose the appropriate product with precision and helps eliminate the possibility of errors.


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