GS-G Series Glass Showcase Hardware

Highlight beautiful item displays with stylishly subtle hardware

The GS-G Series Glass Showcase Hardware has a flat and sleek design that complements exhibited items by drawing customer's attention without getting in the way. Choose a color that matches the style of your display, such as sleek black, gorgeously plated 24k gold, or chrome components. Showcases of almost any size can be supported up to 50kg with Sugatsune's glass showcase hardware lineup.

Quick & Easy to Install

Innovative hardware conveniently allows for the display's glass door to be held in place during installation. Additionally, postioning of the door can be moved to the left or right post installation. Height can also be modified with the GS-GH50 model.

Total Coordination

The flat and cohesive design creates a sophisticated and glamourous aesthetic.

Glass cases and drawers can be locked with a single key

By specifying the same key number among items in the Total Lock Series, multiple showcases and furniture can be locked with the same key.

Total Lock for GS-G Series

Easy for one person to install

The hinges and brackets can temporarily hold the glass door while the screws are installed. This function makes it possible for one person to install it easily.

Post installation horizontal positioning and height adjustment

By turning the screw on the side of the hinge, the door can easily be adjusted laterally. With the GS-GH50 model, door height positioning can also be modified.

Optional Components

For additional convenience, the optional glass display doorstop and surface mounting bracket are also available.


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13 results

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