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Build Better with Sugatsune!
Explore Our Comprehensive Support Resources

Build Better with Sugatsune!
Explore Our Comprehensive Support Resources

At Sugatsune, we are dedicated to enriching the craftsmanship involved in creating diverse and unique furniture and architectural projects. Serving designers, fabricators, builders, and end-users, we continuously explore the potential of hardware, enhancing each product with innovative solutions and extensive support. Sugatsune assists you in turning your ideas into finished products, offering a seamless transition from concept to completion. We provide ‘Sugatsune Help Hub’, a comprehensive one-stop service that merges digital and real-world expertise to deliver enhanced convenience. Together, we aim to advance and enrich the interior industry for everyone involved.

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Quickly Find Products

The search function enables you to refine your search using criteria such as keywords, finishes, dimensions, load capacity, and more.

Search for a Showroom

Multiple International Showroom Locations and Virtual Showrooms

Search by Case Study

Case studies of issues and problems solved with Sugatsune products.


Selection and Design Support Tools

Enhanced tools for product selection and calculations, including torque, load capacity, and installation drawing dimensions.

Contact Sugatsune Staff

Phone, email consultations, in-person visits, and online meetings.

Create Documents

Images and catalogue data are available for use and can be extracted from the digital catalogues. This includes both individual images and catalogue product images.

Comprehensive Data for Distributors and Online Sales

A wide range of data, including images, videos, CAD files, catalogue data, and other large datasets can be provided.

Drawing Data & Installation Media

CAD Data

CAD data (2D/3D, installation drawings*, etc.) CAD data can be downloaded from each product detail page.

Woodworking (NC) Machining Data

Data for woodworking machinery is provided, along with product information accessible via automated design software.

Installation Videos & Manuals

Digital instruction manuals can be downloaded from each product detail page.

Learn About Our Products

Hardware Basics

Hardware essentials for designers and parts selection experts.

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