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NEW YORK BUILD 2024 (USA) / 13th to 14th February 2024 Update:2024/02/05


New York Build (February 13-14, Javits Center), the largest construction and design show for New York and the Tri-state area is set for the biggest edition yet at the Javits Center.
This award-winning show is officially supported by the State of New York and covers major construction opportunities in residential, commercial and infrastructure projects across New York and the Tri-state region.

Exhibition NEW YORK BUILD 2024
Exhibitor Sugatsune America, Inc.
Opening Hours Tuesday, February 13: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday, February 14: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
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Featured Products:
Introducing the New HES2S Hinge

Adjustable Concealed Hinge (Surface Mount)

The LIN-X800 Lateral Door Opening System

The LIN-X800, featuring soft close and hold up to 88 lbs. door.

The HES Concealed Hinge

Experience the unseen with Sugatsune’s HES Concealed Hinge Series, featuring 3-way adjustability, five sizes and several finishes to choose from. We are also introducing our NEW Surface Mount concealed hinge, HES2S Series.

D80 Pocket Door System

NO MORE HEADACHES, THE BEST SOLUTION FOR POCKET DOORS Sugatsune has created a solution for stuck pocket doors. This two-track system means all components are easily accessible from the opening. Never break another wall when making adjustments to your pocket door. Available in recessed and surface mount retail box kits.

MFU1200 – Flush Sliding Door System

A unique movement, Flush Sliding Door System, featuring dual damper that soft opens and soft closes the door, Minimal parts, with excellent performance. Designed to CLOSE FLUSH against surrounding walls, providing clean appearance. A UNIQUE MOVEMENT: Door moves in first, and then slides sideways. CLEAN APPEARANCE: No bottom rails on floor required on this unique MFU-System.

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