YouTuber Matt Risinger features Sugatsune products at KBIS 2022 Update:2022/03/14

At this year’s KBIS trade show in Orlando, Florida, our products were featured by YouTuber, Matt Risinger, of the The Build Network channel.

Matt Risinger is the CEO and founder of the custom home building company “Risinger Build.” As a recognized expert and thought leader in the industry, Matt builds homes with high performance construction and build science expertise.

Sugatsune America has been working with Matt for over 10 years and has been featured in his Youtube videos and on The Build Network.

In the video taken at KBIS, Matt introduces some of the most innovative and popular Sugatsune products at the trade show. Take a look at our exciting new Flush Sliding Door System the MFU1200, along with our FD80 Pocket Door System, the LIN-X1000 Lateral Door System, and more!

Here are the products introduced in the video:

Please look forward to more content collaborations with Matt and Sugatsune in the future!

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