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  • VA-RCT
— The ratchet mechanism allows for one-way motion.
— The height adjustment is available in increments of 4 mm.
— The ratchet unlocks when the height exceeds the top step.
— Can extend again from the middle position once the ratchet is released.
Body Bracket
Sold separately
Housing Bracket LOM-A-6
Housing Bracket LOM-B-6

Drawings / Illustrations

  • [Ratchet Operation]
  • [Bracket]
  • [Bracket]
  • [Bracket]
    Hex Bolt (included with bracket)



— Cannot be used in either horizontal or inclined directions.
— Use of multiple products in one device may cause malfunctions.
— Support device by hand when lowering height.
— To prevent unbalanced load, recommended to use in combination with linear guide rails.

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