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Case Studies

Preventing Food Contamination: Lid Cover Solution
Due to growing contamination concerns for food that is exposed to open environments, an easy-to-use lid cover for a food service robot was required.
HG-PA230, HG-PA231 Space-efficient lift-assist hinges
Replacing gas springs with a compact lift-assist hinge saves space and eliminates the concern over gas leakage.
HG-DTB Secure Lid Closure
The HG-DTB is used to secure a portable medical refrigerator lid in place and allows for easy and careful removal of the refrigerator’s contents.
HG-TQJ100 Increased maintenance efficiency and reduced costs
A smaller alternative to a gas spring was needed to facilitate maintenance and reduce maintenance costs on a semiconductor chip inspection line.
H95TSH-F The Power of Sugatsune's One-Stop Production: Concealed Hinge Edition
In this case study, we feature the "Concealed Torque Hinge for Sheet Metal Doors H95TSH-F", which fulfilled a customer’s need to prevent door slamming.
HG-JV65 The soft-close function and design quality of a high-end machine.
Retraction function improves work efficiency by preventing accidental machinery shut-off.

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