No-Shake Monitor Arm for Touch-Screen Monitors

No wobbling  [MONITOR ARM KA-T100S50-W/P]

In this case study, we introduce the "Monitor Arm KA-T100S50-W/P Model" that helped solve a customer's issue with suppressing shake (chattering) during touch panel monitor operation.


Key Issues

  1. When touching the monitor, there was a concern of it shaking and causing unintended inputs.
  2. Over time, the holding force (joint torque) of the monitor arm weakened, causing the monitor to move when performing touch operations.

Risk of operation malfunction

Monitor Arm

Normal monitor arm

Shake Suppression



Product Information



— The arm's high rigidity makes it less prone to chattering (erroneous operation caused by shaking) during touch panel monitor operation.
— Free stop in any position in the tilt and swivel directions.
— By operating the lever of the auxiliary lock, it secures the monitor at any position, preventing sagging due to shaking.
— Even if a strong load is applied during auxiliary locking, the structure was designed so that it is resistant to temporary disengagement and damage.
— Simple attachment and removal.

*Information current as of 25 April 2022.


The Solution

  1. By replacing with KA-T100S50-W/P, the operability of touch screen monitors was improved by suppressing shaking.
    Its arm is designed to be thick to increase rigidity, and components are assembled with high precision to minimise rattling, which can cause vibration and shake.
  2. In addition to a free stop mechanism that stops at any angle, the monitor is also equipped with an "auxiliary lock function" that enables easy angle locking and unlocking through lever operation, reducing monitor shake caused by touch operations.

High rigidity with a thick arm
*Cross-sectional image of arm

Extreme shake reduction.

Equipped with both free-stop function and auxiliary lock function.

Additional Features

  • Can be mounted on walls, aluminium frames and pipes.
  • No tools are required to attach or detach the monitor.
  • Adaptable monitor size: 12 to 23 inches (up to 10 kg)
  • The optional bracket allows for rotation motion with free-stop function (sold separately).
  • Compliant with VESA standards (hole pitch 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm)

*Information current as of 4 November 2021.


This product contributes to the safety and security of medical workplaces, such as PCR laboratories where a variety of analysis equipment is installed, and factory production sites with large assembly lines, where human error can result in fatal mistakes.

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