Our Craftsmanship: The Beauty of Stainless Steel

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy made with a minimum of 11% of chromium. Further elements such as carbon, nickel, molybdenum or other can also be added in order to improve heat, acid or tensile resistance according to the specific needs. Rust resistance is the best-known property of stainless steel, a result of the chromium combining with oxygen in the air and forming a passivation film on the surface which blocks oxygen ingress. Depending on the composition, it is divided into many types. The following two are some of the most common.

Austenitic Stainless Steel

The most common types are SUS303, SUS304 and SUS316. SUS303 contains a small amount of molybdenum in addition to chromium and nickel and offers particularly good scratch resistance. SUS304 has chromium and nickel added, to make it more corrosion resistant and easier to process, making it widely used. SUS316 has chromium and nickel added along with more molybdenum than SUS303. Although it is an expensive material, it offers very good resistance to corrosion.

Ferretic Stainless Steel

These types of stainless steel contain very little or no nickel. The most commonly used is SUS430, that although less corrosion resistant than the SUS304 or SUS316, is relatively cheaper. This kind of stainless steel is magnetized.

Chromium (Cr) combines with oxygen in the surrounding environment and forms a passivation film.

Stainless Steel and Humid Climates

Stainless steel is characterized by its resistance to rust, making it an ideal material for homes in humid climates. As stainless steel naturally forms a passivation film to protect against oxygen ingress, it is rust resistant even when scratched.

Mirror-like distortion free surface

At first glance, our mirror finishes immediately appear different. Without distortions, the flat surface has been polished to resemble a mirror. Something only accomplishable with experience and high level techniques. By taking the extra effort to polish to a great deal of precision, the inherent beauty of metal becomes visible to the naked eye.

An example of a LAMP product with a reflection like a mirror.
Most commonly seen type of polish. The scratches and distortions stand out.

Satin "ripples" create a silklike texture

Satin finishes visually change depending on the strokes position, length and distance. Our satin finishes are silky fine, and is characterized by a sense of precise uniformity.

High level techniques create lines of light

Different finishes can be incorporated into a single product.
The highest level of polishing skill is evident in the fine, straight lines without distortion.

Products made to last. All stainless steel products.

For instance, if you have a surveillance camera which needs to be fixed in position, we have stainless steel torque hinges. We also offer stainless steel fasteners for door enclosures which need to be dustproof and waterproof. We have developed many entirely stainless steel products for long term solutions.

The large recessed pull is recommended for special industrial and public vehicles and containers. The included screws and nuts are made entirely from stainless steel.

SUS316 and SCS14 products can be used in the marine industry

In the United States, Europe, and other regions where the marine market is thriving, people associate Sugatsune with stainless steel. For cruisers and yachts that are exposed to seawater and sea breezes, even more rust-resistance is required, and we have many products made of SUS316 and SCS14 (equivalent to SUS316) that are ideal for such harsh environments.

Careful edge processing

Outlet plate model PXP-ES (Cool Metal Series) and hotel outlet plate model PXP-ES01M (Cool Metal Series) feature a minimalist design. Because of the simplicity of the design, the finish of the edges determines the design, so we have paid extra attention ensuring the product is safe while still having brilliant edges.

Our attention to the edge is not limited to making the corners stand out. We make safety a priority, including make hook ends into spheres, to protect against injury. It would have been possible to make a simple rounded design, but we wanted to make sure that people could use the product with peace of mind, so we decided to use a sphere, the ultimate form of roundness.

Wide product lineup

A variety of stainless steel products including hinges, hooks, slide rails, and handles are available.

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