EXCELOCK Series Contactless Electronic Lock System

Simply hold up the card and unlock with a single action

Protect your important displays electronically

EXCELOCK is a special card key system which allows only select users access.
The electronic keys cannot be reproduced, providing high security and making it an ideal system for protecting showcase products. Simply close the door and the system will automatically lock.
A single system can operate up to 20 different locks.

2013 Good Design Award winner
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Elegance and advanced functionality

The outer appearance is seamless as there is no key hole. The lock area is also hidden for higher security. Both appearance and functionality are important for high end showcases.

Easy to manage electronic key system

A single key can be designated per cabinet, or it can be used as a common key or exclusive to an area. The operation can be adapted to what works best with the retail facility. It is easy to add keys and also delete them. Also, these specialized electronic keys cannot be duplicated.

  • For adding and deleting keys, no computer is required.
  • The keys do not need batteries or recharging.

Suitable for Many Door Types

Even with different types of doors, the same key can be used. Whether it is a glass door or sliding door with the XL-GC hardware series, the product can be combined with many different Sugatsune hardware options.

Japanese Quality You Can Depend On

We have done meticulous configurations on the internal mechanism to provide a safe and reliable lock intended for use in various retail shops.

Improved receptivity of key and antenna unit
Reduced sound of opening, closing is silent
Prevented other wireless interference from being able to cause malfunction
Separated the lock unit from the cable, installation and maintenance are much easier


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