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Door Weight Calculator
This selection tool automatically does the weight calculations for you depending on material or manually input density. It makes searching for hinges much easier. Give it a try today.
A Selection tool for Motion Design Tech products.
This selection tool simplifies the process of looking for torque hinges and stays. Simply put in your project specifications and Sasuga-kun will show you the various options available. From the moment to the functionality, the options are displayed as a torque graph that simulates door moment.
Hinge Selection Tool (Butt Hinges, Piano Hinges and Lift-off Hinges)
This selection tool was created for engineers and designers to help simplify the process of selecting hinges (butt, piano and lift-off). It does by automatically calculating the weight bearing capacity. Input the door requirements and the hinge selection tool will automatically generate options based on the information you input. You can also check the weight bearing capacity.
Selection Tool for HES3D concealed hinges
You can quickly find the best concealed hinges for your project. Please input door specs and some conditions. Door weight calculator is also available.

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