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Stylish Handles for Machine Tools: A Fusion of High-end Design and Functionality

The SOR handle was selected by Nidec Machine Tool Corporation for use on their milling machines.


Key Issues

  1. The need for a sleek handle that would match the design of a high-end milling machine.
  2. The need for a handle that could easily be held at varying heights.

Product Information


—Long and graceful curve that adapts to any surface.
—Other handle sizes available upon request.


The Solution

  1. The SOR handle's high-quality construction and sleek design made it an ideal choice for seamless integration into the high-end milling machine, aligning perfectly with its design concept.
  2. Due to its length of 1000mm, it enabled comfortable operation of the handle from either above or below steps located within the machine.

Application Image

Customer Feedback

Q:Why did you choose to use our products?
— The excellent design perfectly matched the concept of our machine tool.
— The provided 3D-CAD data made it easy to incorporate it into our design.
— The availability of a 1000 mm handle was a significant factor as it allowed the machine door to be operated both from above and below the steps [in the machine], making it convenient for users.
— We appreciated the company's proactive sales approach and proposal strategy for related components.

Q:How effective has it been since its adoption?
A:Our customers have highly praised the product for its upscale and cool appearance.

Q:Please let us know if you have any future requirements.
A:Improving delivery time when items are out of stock would be beneficial to us.

Sales Manager:
Thank you for choosing our product and providing valuable feedback.
We will collaborate with our manufacturing department to expedite delivery times to meet your needs better.

The TB Handle Series - A Harmonious Blend of Strength, Operability, and Functional Beauty.

The handle series features a sophisticated body that seamlessly complements the premium quality of the equipment it is installed on. Designed to meet stringent internal standards, which align with industry specifications, this series offers both durability and ergonomic comfort for a superior user experience.

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