In many applications across industry, the conventional open/close motion of swing and sliding doors just isn’t suitable.

Whether it is a matter of minimising projection so doors do not impede the space around them or maximising the size of the aperture to improve access, Sugatsune has developed a range of superior solutions designed to provide industrial customers with flexibility and functionality beyond what they can get from standard hinges and sliding systems.

Lateral Opening Hinges

Conventional single-pivot hinges pose a problem in circumstances where space in front of a door is tight or where free unimpeded access is needed at all times. Because they move through an arc, doors or lids mounted on conventional hinges may not have enough room to open fully, or else get in the way when in the open position.

Sugatsune has applied its considerable expertise in hinge mechanism design to solving this problem. Using multiple pivot points and a combination of hinge and slide systems, we have created an innovative range of products that deliver unique lateral motion for minimal intrusion and maximum access.

In addition, our lateral opening solutions are designed so closed doors sit fully flush inset with surrounding cabinets, ensuring a premium finish in every situation.

MonoFlat LIN-X

The MonoFlat LIN-X is a breakthrough concept in hinge technology, a small-radius pivot system that provides lateral opening motion without the need for a slide track.

Available in three types, LIN-X hinges are suitable for everything from small, lightweight cabinet doors all the way up to full-length partitions weighing up to 90kg. Instead of allowing a door to arc outwards in the conventional manner, LIN-X hinges make use of a double pivot to guide a door slightly forward and sideways, tucking it out of the way parallel to whatever surface is adjacent.

As a concealed hinge installed to the inner surface of the cabinet, the LIN-X also maximises access to the interior. All LIN-X hinges feature Lapcon soft close technology for smooth, controlled operation. They are straightforward to install with four-way in-position adjustment for vertical, horizontal, depth and parallel alignment, and can be fitted in single or double door combinations, flat or L-shaped.

MonoFlat FAD

The MonoFlat FAD range combines a multi-pivot hinge system with a single aluminium top rail for unobtrusive lateral opening. Available for small cabinets weighing 5kg or less up to full-length partitions weighing up to 35kg, our FAD solutions provide wide-angle access by tucking open doors away horizontally against adjacent surfaces, and making them sit flush with cabinets and walls when closed for a pristine clean appearance.

Our FAD systems hold doors in both open and closed positions and use a gas spring mechanism for smooth, controlled closing motion.

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Sliding doors

Sliding doors have long provided a solution in situations where there is limited room for doors to pivot open through an arc, or where a wider aperture is required for better access. But traditional sliding systems come with their own drawbacks, such as the fact that, on double cabinets, only one sliding door at a time may be opened.

For the ultimate in versatility and accessibility, Sugatsune has developed the Multiple Motion (MultiMo) Door System. Designed to be used on a series of cabinets (we recommend a minimum of three), the MultiMo FLAT system is a unique sliding concept that allows doors to move freely into any available position.

More doors can be added simply by connecting extra sliding units, and the more doors there are, the greater the number of opening combinations available. More opening and closing options means faster, more convenient access and the ability to access adjacent cabinets at the same time.

MultiMo FLAT systems are available for wood and glass doors and require only 80mm panel depth (84mm for glass) for mounting, making them suitable for shallow cabinets.

Sugatsune also manufactures a conventional aluminium frame sliding door system suitable for paired doors weighing up to 70kg – perfect for use in industrial settings. A strong upper rail and rigid construction ensures there is minimal door flex, while our own custom-developed roller system guarantees smooth, safe opening and closing motion even for heavyweight doors. The frame is suitable for doors made from a range of materials, including laminated and tempered glass, or resin plates.

Folding doors

We supply two types of aluminium frame folding door systems – a conventional uni-directional folding solution and a slidable bi-directional product. Both feature top and bottom holding rollers that deliver smooth, consistent opening and closing motion, with a catch on the central hinge to hold the doors in the closed position. They are suitable for doors with maximum dimensions of 2400mm x 450mm, and weighing up to 10kg.

The bi-directional sliding option can be moved left or right once folded, providing easier, more convenient access.

Shutter doors

Sugatsune’s Design Shutters are available in two versions – one with a guide rail which is recessed within the cabinet body panels, and one which makes use of a surface-mounted rail (i.e. doesn’t require processing of the cabinet body).

Both types of Design Shutter are suitable for cabinets with minimum dimensions of 300 x 300 x 200mm and maximum dimensions of 900 x 900 x 600mm. They can be deployed as single shutters vertically or horizontally, or as double doors horizontally.

A third solution we offer is our high rigidity cabinet shutter, a vertical opening L-shaped system suitable for aluminium frames with maximum dimensions of 840 x 640 x 900mm. The high quality aluminium alloy slat frame and panels deliver excellent rigidity and durability, with a shock absorbent damper to prevent the shutter from slamming on closure.

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