From heavy duty storage systems to the delicate moving parts found in vending machines, Sugatsune manufactures one of the largest ranges of industrial slides, glides and runners available.

About Drawler Slides

Drawing on our unparalleled expertise in linear motion mechanisms, all of our slide products are precision engineered to deliver smooth, reliable performance in the tough environments often encountered in industry. From the most delicate ball bearing guides for use in intricate machines to heavyweight runners with a load bearing capacity of up to 272kgf per pair, we have slide solutions for every application.

In line with our design values across our entire industrial component range, our aim is to add value to conventional drawer slide systems with supplementary functions that deliver extra convenience and premium quality performance. This includes self and soft close, push-to-open, hold-in and hold-out detent, quick release detachment and more.

With the risk of wear and tear, grinding and distortion in runner systems particularly high, we pay particular attention to the minute details of product build to minimise snags and deliver resilient operation for as long as possible. Innovations such as our pull protection device (PPD) help to prolong the lifespan of slides even in the most high-traffic use cases.

Drawler Slides
Types of slide

Full Extension

Designed for unimpeded access, full extension slides comprise three rails or ‘members’ in series which bring the entirety of the drawer out of the cabinet body. Our longest full extension slides are suitable for drawers up to 700mm in length, while shorter versions of the heaviest duty models can bear loads up to 272kgf/pair. Standard models feature positive stop and hold-in detent for catching the drawer in the closed position.

3/4 Extension

3/4 slides feature two members and carry the drawer body a maximum of 3/4 of the way out of the cabinet. Our longest 3/4 slides feature rails of just over 700mm in length but with a travel distance of 508mm. As with our full extension range, all 3/4 slides feature an easy-to-use disconnecting lever which allows the full drawer to be removed from its rails quickly and conveniently.

Self & Soft Close

Our self and soft close slides deliver two-in-one premium motion – an easy glide mechanism which ‘self closes’ the drawer from the lightest of touches, and a soft close mechanism which catches the drawer on the rail before it reaches the close position and brings it to a smooth, silent stop. Self & soft close slides are available in full and 3/4 extension versions, feature a quick-release lever and are no more difficult to install than our conventional slides.


Our popular push-to-open drawer mechanisms mean handles can be done away with for a slick, conventional look. Rather than pulling, the mechanism is opened by way of a gentle push against the front plate, releasing a catch and triggering the drawer to slide outwards smoothly and gently. With our patented push area expander (PAE) mechanism, drawers can be opened from a push across a wider area of the plate, while our pull protection device (PPD) guards against damage to the system if the drawer is pulled once opened. These mechanisms have passed 50,000 open/close private cycle tests.

Mini Slides

Mini Slides

At just 15.5 or 16mm in height and available in lengths from 30mm to 200mm, our mini slides and guides are perfect for use in small-scale applications like till drawers, vending machines and automated industrial equipment. With a choice of ultra-lightweight aluminium alloy and stainless steel, our mini slides allow manufacturers to strike the balance they need between low mass and robust load bearing for each application.

Mini slides are available in full and 3/4 extension versions, while we also offer two-way options that can be installed vertically (i.e. on the inside of a cabinet side panel like a conventional drawer) or horizontally (on the base panel). Our mini slide range is complemented by a selection of auxiliary guides, blocks, clamps and stoppers, providing a comprehensive suite of linear motion component options for small scale applications.

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