Sugatsune manufactures a wide range of industrial components not listed under the main sections of our catalogue. Here is a summary of what else we stock.

AS Series Aluminium Support System

The AS Series provides a complete solution for building and installing aluminium frames. It includes a full list of functional parts including hinges, catches, casters and glides plus all of the connectors, brackets, mounting screws and nuts required for assembly. The AS system provides outstanding flexibility for constructing aluminium frames of many different shapes and sizes for a wide range of uses.


Sugatsune roller bearings are precision engineered in an extensive range of sizes and types for use in the workings of industrial, laboratory, electrical, construction and office equipment, ranging from conveyor belts and elevators to vending machines and door rollers.

Our bearings come in two main types, plastic and steel. The plastic types are manufactured from low friction polyacetal and provide excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and weather. Our steel bearings are tougher and capable of bearing higher loads and are available in corrosion-resistant stainless steel, non-magnetic stainless steel, and types with anti-rust resin and other types of plastic sleeve.

All bearings can be made to order to our customers’ own sizes and specifications.


Swivels provide rotary motion in applications such as workbenches and TV mounts. We supply swivels with and without rubber stoppers which prevent slipping.

Multi-Purpose Lids

Sugatsune manufactures more than 50 types of lid ideal for refuse collection and recycling separation in many different contexts. All of our lids are made of high quality stainless steel with an emphasis on pristine appearance as well as durability.

We supply lids with doors in round and square varieties, and for horizontal and vertical deployment. This range includes products fitted with a balance weight and soft close damper to shut the lid automatically and to prevent slamming. We also offer a lockable vertical lid.

Our lids without doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can be used to sort waste for recycling by only allowing objects of a certain size to pass through. We also manufacture a funnel designed for disposal of liquids, for example throwing away drinks in a restaurant, plus other ancillary components such as a PVC hose which fits directly onto our funnels and a strainer.


Sugatsune manufactures ventilators for two main types of application – assisting with air flow and cooling in closed units, and ventilation of buildings.

Our cabinet-type ventilators are designed for use in computer racks and other types of unit housing digital and industrial hardware. We supply products with integrated cable grommets to avoid additional holes having to be cut. Small hole apertures prevent insects getting through. Other versions designed for cabinets include mesh-type ventilators for dust protection.

We also produce ventilators designed for use in the construction and marine industries in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, namely stainless steel, aluminium and polyacetal. We stock one product with adjustable aperture sizes for controlling the airflow and another specially designed for external mounting on vehicles such as camper vans. This has a rain-proof feature which can be shut at the press of the button to stop fumes getting in.

Multi-Purpose Caps

We stock an extensive range of multi-purpose caps for covering up holes in cabinets and units, including cable grommets when they are not in use. They range in diameter from six to 51mm and are available in a range of colours. We also supply washer and cap set-ups for concealing countersunk head screws to achieve a pristine appearance on cabinets and units.

Cable Grommets

Sugatsune’s cable management solutions range from simple capless grommets to enclosed wire manager boxes suitable for use on the control boards of processing machinery and machine tools.

Our most basic grommets are simple circular varieties made from flame retardant rubber with aperture diameters starting at 7mm. Our capped grommets, of the type popular in office cabinets and furnitures, come in numerous shapes, colours and finishes with choices of single, double or multiple apertures, sliding or folding covers and brush covers for dust and insect prevention.

We produce two wire manager boxes which use a gasket system to seal off the entry route of cabling passing from production environments into sensitive electrical hardware like control boards. One is designed for minimising dust intrusion, the other to protect against oil mist.


We produce standard gaskets suitable for instruments, control boards, machine tools, home appliances, medical equipment, furniture, office equipment and more in a variety of materials, sizes and cross sectional shapes. In addition, we also produce the following specialist protective and cushioned gasket types:

  • Silicone Trim: Silicone rubber edge protective material provides excellent heat and chemical resistance, easy glueless installation and long service life.
  • Eco-resin Trim: Edge protective material with built-in rust resistant hard resin frame.
  • Silicone Sponge & Rubber: Available as a spunge sheet or as extruded pipes, our silicone rubber offers excellent heat resistance and durability, and can be used as a cushion material for various purposes.
  • Sube-Up: A polymer coated with a special activated resin, Sube-Up prevents sticking so makes it much easier to feed wires, for example, through long sections of gasket.
  • Gel Gasket: These composite extruded gaskets integrate vibration damping gel into the elastomer, providing superior vibration resistance in motors, pumps and so on.

As part of the AS Series (see above), we also supply simple clip-in gaskets for aluminium frames.

Belt Reel Partition

Belt partitions are used as flexible temporary barriers in transport hubs, factories and warehouses, retail and leisure destinations, offices and more. If you have ever stood in a queue at passport control at an airport or at a theme park, you will more than likely have come across these types of retractable partitions.

Sugatsune manufactures wall and stand mounted varieties with belts in a range of colours. The maximum belt length we supply is 7m.

Glass Point Fix

The use of glass panelling is increasingly popular in commercial and industrial interiors. Point fixes play an essential role in attaching glass sheets to a surface or frame.

Sugatsune offers a range of designs in attractive polished stainless steel suitable for glass panels 8-12mm thick. We also supply one point fix product as part of our ultra-premium Zwei-L architectural component range, precision engineered to deliver an eye-catching contrast in mirrored and opaque satin finishes.

Point fixes require a special tool for installation and we also supply a T-shaped holder for mounting on vertical balustrades.

LED Lights

Our SL-TGH LED light is designed for lighting equipment and machinery indoors and outdoors, for providing spot lights and sign lights and more. It is available in three types – wide flood, medium flood and narrow spot – with an optional angle-adjustable mounting bracket.

The SL-TGH is exceptionally tough and resilient in all environments, conforming to IP69K and IP67F standards and therefore certified as oilproof, waterproof and dustproof with robust resistance to high temperatures and water pressures. The stainless steel body cover and tempered cover glass are corrosion and scratch proof.

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