Toughness and Beautility (TB) Handles



Sugatsune offers a wide range of handles that combine rugged and durable construction “toughness” with functional beauty “beautility” that provides optimum ease of use capable of working in a range of operating environments.

Toughness and Beautility

The “Toughness and Beautility” range of functional handles from Sugatsune are the ultimate human-machine interface. Toughness & Beautility handles redefine the very concept of handles.


Sugatsune handles are designed and manufactured in accordance with stringent load testing standards and production criteria that are based on client requirements and specifications across a wide range of industries.


Sugatsune produces handles that are stylish in their own right while blending in beautifully in any environment as well as being comfortable and easy to use.


At Sugatsune, we are dedicated to transforming your ideas into reality, utilizing our extensive experience and expertise to create the finest handles. Catalogue products can be customized to your requirements in terms of size, colour or other parameters.
We use 3-D printers in the product development process to provide a better idea of the look and feel of the finished product.


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19 results

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