The Power of Sugatsune's One-Stop Production: Concealed Hinge Edition

The Power of Sugatsune's One-Stop Production: Concealed Hinge Edition

In this case study, we feature the "Concealed Torque Hinge for Sheet Metal Doors H95TSH-F", which fulfilled a customer’s need to prevent door slamming.


Key Issues

  1. Regular concealed hinges are dangerous because of door slamming.
  2. Unintentional lid/door closing can lead to malfunction and accidents.

Product Information


Concealed Torque hinge for sheet metal doors H95TSH-F

— 95° opening concealed hinge with torque mechanism.
— One-touch mounting and dismounting.
— The hinge rotates with a large extension, which reduces interference in the side direction.
— The locking lever is designed to prevent accidental activation.


The Solution

  1. A concealed hinge with built-in free stop mechanism.
  2. A function that releases the torque when closing for smooth operation.

Concealed hinge H95TSH-F with built-in torque.
Recommended for vending machines, ticket machines and precision machines where a lid or door rapidly closing lead to machine failure.

Developing new products based on customer concerns

One of our customers, who deals with precision machinery, asked us if we could address their problem: "When I am doing maintenance on a factory production line machine chassis, and I accidentally bump into it, the lid of the chassis will slam shut, which is dangerous. If the door closes while I am working on wiring, it could cause a wire break or a machine malfunction.”

If the door slams shut, it can be dangerous.
If the door closes during maintenance work, it may cause damage to the machine.

After precision machinery was installed, it was discovered that there were instances of physical injury and machine failure during maintenance. This was a direct result of the machine doors accidentally slamming shut.
Therefore, Sugatsune proposed to incorporate a torque mechanism into the concealed hinge and began development.
After half a year of development, we were able to combine the free stop motion of our Motion Design Tech* with the "Concealed Hinge for Sheet Metal Doors H95TSH".

* Motion Design Tech means “technology that creates movement” and is a unique Sugatsune innovation that brings forth more open/close mobilization options. We take the customers desire for new options and not only satisfy their needs, but go the extra step by equipping the ideal motion tech for their product.

The pursuit for a satisfying user experience

Torque Graph

Just adding a torque mechanism to the concealed hinge would make the door feel too heavy when opening it. We asked our customers to test the custom hinges to find the right amount of torque that they needed. When the door is returned to the closed position, the torque is released. This means that it does not strain the user when opening the door, and when closing, it closes securely and does not spring back.

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The advanced technology and extensive experience of Sugatsune's factories and design & development departments, can give shape to your ideas.
We offer a wide range of products, from catalogue products to OEM products in different sizes and colours, and ODM products including planning and design.
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