The soft-close function and design quality of a high-end machine.

The retraction function provides added value by preventing the machine from stopping.

The soft-close function and design quality of a high-end machine.

Our soft-close hinges HG-JV65 for horizontal opening of wire EDM machines. This case study shows how we were able to solve the customer's problem with a special design and movement suitable for a high-end machine. Additionally, the selfclosing function increased work efficiency.


Key Issues

  1. The goal was to slowly close the side-opening door while concentrating on the machine's design in order to provide a high-end feel fit for a premium wire EDM machine.
  2. The device's door is supposed to stop while it is open for safety reasons, however, if the user shuts the door too firmly, the door bounces back and partially opens. As a result, the machinery comes to a stop and also makes it challenging for the operator to shut the door properly.

Product Information


Soft-close hinge HG-JV65

— The closing speed of the door can be adjusted with a hex wrench.
— Retractable function to hold the door in the closed position.

*The information is current as of 24 February 2021.


Concealed Torque Hinge Type HG-TU

— Mounted on the back of the door so that the hinge is not visible from the front; the door can be held at any angle.
— Can be used horizontally or vertically.

*The information is current as of 24 February 2021.


Aluminium door handle SYH

— A streamlined handle with a line through the centre.
— Low profile design.
— The antibacterial coating keeps the handle clean.

*The information is current as of 24 February 2021.


The Solution

  1. Soft closing of the door gives the machine a premium feel.
  2. The screw cover conceals the screws and does not detract from the design of the machine, making it suitable for high-end machines that require an upscale appearance.
  3. The door closes slowly and securely, preventing the machine from stopping unexpectedly when the door is partially open.

Soft-close function and design suitable for high-end machines

The customer wanted side opening door on the machine to close slowly in order to give it a upscale feel, so we proposed the HG-JV65 Soft-close hinge. The light grey colour matched the design of the EDM machine and the screw cover (of the same colour) hid the mounting screws for a seamless appearance.


Created added value with the self-closing function. The secure closing of the side door prevents the machine from stopping due to sensor detection, thus increasing work efficiency!

The wire EDM machine that the customer was developing had a magnetic catch with a sensor attached to the door to detect the opening and closing of the door. When the door was open, the machine would stop as a safety measure for the operator. However, there was a concern that if the door was closed too vigorously and bounced back open, the sensor would stop the device.
The use of soft-close hinges meant that the door could be closed slowly even if it was closed with force and therefore prevent unintentional pausing of the machine.

Concealed torque hinges that are not visible from the front and handles that combine durability and design.


For the meticulously designed wire EDM machine, we also supplied the concealed torque hinge HG-TU, which is mounted on the back of the door so that the hinge is not visible from the front. We also provided the SYH aluminium handle which has both a streamlined design and antibacterial coating.

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