Lift-assist hinges instead of gas springs! No gas loss and compact size allowed for effective use of space inside the device.

Lift-assist hinges instead of gas springs!

Our lift-assist hinge HG-PA230-25 was used in a chip mounting machine’s lid cover. This case illustrates how replacing gas springs with our product saves space and eliminates the concern over the loss of gas and lubrication oil associated with gas springs.


Key Issues

  1. There was not enough space inside the machine to install gas springs, but an assist function for opening the lid was still needed.
  2. The chip mounter’s indicator light needed to be clearly visible.

Product Information



— The spring reaction force enables the heavy top lid to be lifted lightly (lift assist function).
— A damper is activated when closing (soft-close function).
— The torque can be adjusted by turning the adjusting screw.

*The information is current as of 24 February 2021.


The Solution

  1. The use of lift-assist hinges combines the hinge and lift-assist function into one product. In addition, the HG-PA230’s spring operation eliminates the risk of gas loss associated with gas springs. The hinge also makes the lid easier to close.
  2. The hinges could be mounted on the inside of the device to make the stacked indicator lights easier to see.
  3. The Sasuga-kun selection tool made product selection easy and simulation was possible before prototype testing.

The Lift-assist hinge: A hinge and lift-assist function in one.

Even in limited spaces that are too small for a gas spring to be installed, the lift-assisted hinge can perform the job of a gas spring and a hinge.
In the customer's previous chip mounting machine model, gas springs were used to assist with manoeuvring the heavy lid cover. However, the new model had less internal space and could not accommodate gas spring installation.
Our proposed HG-PA230-25 hinge solved their space limitation issue by removing the need for gas springs and providing the customer with the desired lift-assist feature. Additionally, since the hinge operates using spring reaction force, there is no loss of force due to gas leakage and oil evaporation—a common symptom in ageing gas springs.

Lighter closing operation, too!

With gas springs, the assist force is always applied to the opening direction. This means that the user must apply more effort in the closing direction which can be cumbersome. Conversely, lift-assist hinges can be closed with less force because torque is reduced when closing a lid (as shown in the graph).


Find the product you need with our online selection tool.

The selection tool Sasuga-kun

To find a lift-assist hinge with the appropriate torque requirement, a torque value must be calculated by using the lid cover’s moment.
By entering specific values such as the distance to the lid cover's centre of gravity, its mass, etc., into our online selection tool, it can suggest a suitable product for your project. Additionally, it automatically creates a graph showing the relationship between the lid cover’s moment and hinge torque and a graph depicting the lid cover’s operating force. This allows for initial verification and simulation to be performed before physical prototype testing is initiated. As a result, the tool reduces prototype testing and helps the project to proceed more smoothly. The customer in this case study used the selection tool Sasuga-kun first and then adapted it for mass production models after prototype verification.

Ideal for Indicator Light visibility

The customer wanted the machine’s indicator lights to be clearly visible when its lid was closed. They planned to line up several chip mounters in a row and were concerned that an outset hinge would obstruct the indicator light. To address this, the lift-assist hinge HG-PA230-25 was mounted on the inside of the lid, so that the hinge was not visible when the lid was closed.

Ideal for Indicator Light visibility

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