Concealed and Secure: Powerful Torque Hinge with Durability


The Torque Hinge HG-TA was adopted for a wrapping machine for products.
The following is an example of how the free stop function improves the operation of the machine, without compromising the design of the equipment.


Key Issues

  1. The machine cover was heavy to lift and did not have free-stop, so there was a risk of finger entrapment during operation.
  2. The objective was to conceal the hinges when the cover was closed, but the absence of a back plate in the equipment's design restricted the options for compatible hinges.

Product Information



— The torque mechanism uses a "disc structure", in which a fixed disc is sandwiched between two movable discs to generate friction, resulting in a compact shape with a short shaft.
— Some types have wiring holes in the shaft.
— The type with wiring holes has passed our opening and closing tests 50,000 times, and the type without wiring holes passed 20,000 times.

*Information as of 25 April 2023.


The Solution

  1. The HG-TA model significantly enhanced the safety of the machine by providing a durable solution that securely holds the metal lid in place.
  2. Proposed the best torque hinge based on the customer's needs. The HG-TA hinge can accommodate special cover shapes.

A compact, powerful torque hinge that enhances safety

After consulting with the client, who expressed the need for a product that addresses finger entrapment risks during the opening and closing of the upper cover, incorporates free-stop functionality, and allows for a concealed hinge installation, we recommended the Torque Hinge HG-TA. Despite its compact size with a hinge length of 18.5mm, this hinge provided a stable torque of up to 45.9kgf, fulfilling the client's request to keep the hinge concealed while enabling free-stop operation of the upper cover.

Efficient Design Integration via Disk Mechanism for Compact Design

The HG-TA model utilizes "disk structure" in its shaft component as a torque mechanism. This mechanism involves inserting a fixed disk between two movable disks and rotating them while applying tension, thereby generating torque. The unique design of this disk structure enables a shorter shaft length, providing a distinct advantage over traditional torque hinges.
Disk mechanism

Versatile variety of hinges to meet machine operation and design requirements

The HG-TA type was used in this case study, but there is a multiple variations of these hinges that have the same shape. There is a wide array of specifications available, so you can find the perfect hinge for your needs. These options include an all-stainless steel hinge type that offers excellent corrosion resistance, a type with adjustable torque, and a type designed to minimize recoil (springback) when opening and closing the hinge.


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