Adjustable One-way Torque Hinges for Safe Conveyor Belt Cleaning and Multiple Lid Sizes


The HG-TQJ100 hinge is an adjustable one-way torque hinge that was selected for use on a cover of a conveyor belt. The cover is an essential feature of belt conveyors used in food manufacturing lines, as it helps to prevent dust and other contaminants from contaminating the food. By using the HG-TQJ100 hinge, we were able to help our customer overcome several challenges, such as ensuring safety during cleaning, accommodating multiple cover sizes, and working within a limited space.


Key Issues

  1. The need to ensure that the cover does not close unexpectedly so that workers can clean the conveyor belt safely.
  2. The need for a product that can be used with conveyor belt covers of different sizes.
  3. The need to reduce the overall height of the equipment.

Product Information



— This torque hinge generates torque in one direction. As almost no torque is generated in the reverse direction, doors etc. can be operated smoothly.
— The torque can be adjusted between 0 and 10 Nm.

*Information as of 17 March 2023.


The Solution

  1. The HG-TQJ100 torque hinge keeps the conveyor belt cover securely open. Additionally, by using a one-way torque hinge (torque applied only in one direction), the cover can be opened lightly without resistance, thereby improving its usability.
  2. The torque adjustability allows the hinge to be used for a wide range of cover sizes. Post-installation, the operating resistance can also be adjusted to meet the preference of the user.
  3. By using the HG-TQJ100 torque hinge instead of stays or gas springs, the overall height of the equipment was lowered.

Solving safety and operability issues during cleaning

Opening the cover during cleaning is necessary, but it can be dangerous if the cover closes unexpectedly. To prevent this from happening, we originally proposed standard torque hinges. However, we later found that two-way torque could pose difficulties in opening heavy covers. The one-way torque hinge, on the other hand, generates torque in only one direction, making it easier to open the cover without requiring much force. Additionally, the hinge generates torque in the closing direction to prevent the cover from falling unexpectedly and ensure safe cleaning.


Torque adjustability for various cover sizes

With the HG-TQJ100 hinge, torque can be adjusted between 0 and 10 Nm, making it possible to use one product for a variety of cover sizes. This adjustable torque feature is highly valued by customers as it allows for versatility in use. Additionally, the HG-TQJ100 is known not just for its ability to accommodate covers of different sizes, but also for its ability to adjust the lightness of operation even after installation, making it a reliable and flexible solution for a range of applications.

Addressing the customer’s need to lower the equipment’s height

Frequently, we receive requests to reduce the cover height of conveyor belt equipment utilized in food production lines. However, due to limited mounting space, it is not feasible to install stays and gas springs. Nevertheless, our torque hinges have addressed all of these issues, resulting in not only a reduced device height but also the provision of an effective solution.


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