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Multi-roller linear slide system MLG

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In this case study, we present the "Multi-Roller Linear Slide System MLG". This product enabled customers with space constraints to use drawer slides that could move vertically and diagonally.


Key Issues

  1. The need for slide rails that could be used vertically or diagonally inside space-limited equipment.
  2. Conventional slide movement progressively gets harder to move over time due to the creep phenomenon that occurs when the slide is used vertically or diagonally. This issue eventually leads to overloading the motor and causing the equipment to stop.

Product Information


Multi-Roller Linear Slide System MLG

— Smooth movement even in vertical and diagonal directions
— The 300,000 cycles test has been carried out at a speed of 200 mm/sec at a 100 mm distance. For more information, please contact us.
— Can be used in combination with motor drives as there is no “ball creep”


The Solution

  1. The development of specialised rails with a unique design that resists creep even when employed vertically or diagonally and moves without restriction.

The MLG’s Development

A customer was using slide rails with ball bearings, such as the Aluminium Mini Slide ARW2-16 and the Aluminium Mini Slide AR3-16, in motor-driven equipment.
During a consultation, the customer relayed that movement was gradually becoming slower and more difficult to move. This caused the equipment to stop due to the overloading of the motor.
The underlying issue for this problem stemmed from the creep phenomenon* caused by the vertical use of slide rails with ball bearings. To solve this problem, we began the development of a rail that does not cause creep (i.e. it does not stop midway and moves smoothly).

*Creep phenomenon: a phenomenon that occurs in objects or furniture that are fitted with ball bearing slide rails where the contact points of the balls shift, resulting in a differing amount of movement during travel. When the creep phenomenon occurs, the slide rail moves in a narrower range than the distance it has to travel which, in turn, causes it to move more slowly (also known as ball creep).

Aluminium mini slide ARW2-16

Aluminium mini slide ARW2-16
Made from extruded aluminium for low deflection and compact size.

Unique structure eliminates the creep phenomenon!

Unique structure eliminates the creep phenomenon!

To combat the “creep phenomenon,” Sugatsune’s unique 'multi-roller structure' was developed. Multiple ball bearings are placed inside of rollers within the rail carriage, creating a mechanism that can accommodate unbalanced loads when used vertically or at an angle.
This mechanism prevents the contact points of the balls from shifting so that the rail carriage can travel smoothly without stopping eliminating “creep”. The "Multi-Roller Linear Slide System MLG" has been patented in Japan and has passed a private 300,000 cycle test, ensuring its durability and reliability.

Multiple carriages for greater design freedom!

In addition to the rail and carriage, the MLG models are sold with individual mounting plates.
Multiple carriages can be used on a single rail, allowing for a high degree of freedom in design. This makes it suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including the medical equipment, food processing machine, and analysis equipment industries.


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