Food Service Robot Contamination Prevention with Lid Cover Solution

Preventing Food Contamination: Lid Cover Solution

Key Issues

  1. Conventional opening lids require a lot of space to both open and close, making them difficult to use in small shops.

Product Information



— Equipped with Lapcon, the stay has a lift-assist and soft-close function.
— The lid opens by lowering vertically. When fully opened, virtually the entire cabinet opening is visible (except for area where stay body is mounted).
— The lid closes gently by spring force.
*The information is current as of 25 October 2021.


The Solution

  1. A vertical, downward-opening lid that operates smoothly even in tight spaces.
  2. Lift Assist & Soft Close functions that enhance the movement of the lid.

High demand for food covers to prevent contamination

The demand for food covers has increased due to their ability to help prevent droplet contamination as a measure against infection.
The following case study explores how lid cover functionality fulfilled specific needs.

High demand for food covers to prevent contamination

Cover on a Food Service Robot

Food service robots are being introduced into the restaurant industry to reduce the workload of employees.
As with a number of areas in the food industry, infection prevention measures are also being integrated into food service robots.
An increasing amount of customers are showing more concern about food hygiene—especially food that is exposed to open environments such as in food displays and buffets. In turn, the appeal of covered food servers is also on the rise.

Concern with contamination of exposed food

Adding value through lid movement

The Swing Lift Down (SLD) stay was incorporated into the lid of a food delivery robot.
The SLD was selected based on its special movement functionality.
Conventional door opening requires space in front of the door when opening or closing. This space requirement makes it difficult to use in shops where space is limited.
With the SLD, the lid opens downwards vertically, so food can be taken out easily without taking up too much space.
The lift assist and soft motion function also give the SLD a modern and sophisticated feel.

Features of the Swing Down Stay SLD

The key to saving space is “vertical opening”

Compared to a conventional opening door, a vertical opening door takes up less space when operating.

The key to saving space is “vertical opening”

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