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Bottle Inspection Equipment

Our linear slides were adopted for adjusting the height of the camera in the inspection equipment.
Since precision was not a critical requirement in the equipment, our mid-precision linear slide was selected to achieve cost savings.

Tray Transport Unit

Our linear slides were adopted in the drawer mechanism of the tray transport unit. Previously, the customer used drawer slides, but by adopting this roller-type linear slide, the creep phenomenon has been eliminated.

Camper Van

Our concealed hinges, push-to-open latches, and shutters were used for the caravan.
The key considerations for this choice were the sleek design that conceals the hinges and the safety features preventing the doors from opening while the vehicle is in motion.
Furthermore, the shutters allow for a wide opening, ensuring that the doors don't obstruct even in limited spaces.

Automatic Visual Inspection System

Our torque hinges and lift-assist stays were adopted for the doors of inspection equipment.
Its light-opening and free-stop motion were highly evaluated.

Cart-Storage Kitchen

The heavy-duty concealed hinge J95 was used on the doors of kitchen tables. Because the kitchen stores carts under the table, the bottom panel cannot be installed, and the housing was required to be more rigid than normal. The door itself needed to be rigid as well, so the J95 was chosen for its capability to support heavy doors effectively.

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