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Wine Dispenser "Vinoark"

Our Olympia 360 Hinge and HG-MF Mini Torque Hinge were utilized in the wine dispenser "Vinoark".

The main reason for using Olympia 360 was its capability to be mounted on the inside of the door, keeping hinges and screws out of sight from the exterior. With an overlay dimension and a generous opening angle of 105°, it enables a wider door opening, enhancing user convenience.

As for the HG-MF Mini Torque Hinges, their sleek black color complements the device seamlessly, while their slim design blends effortlessly into the overall aesthetics of the dispenser, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing appearance.

Microwave Reheating Cart "Meal SHUTTLE"

Our HG-KNT Lift-off Torque Hinge, LC-48 Flush Slam Latch, and KMS Magnetic Rubber Sheet were utilised in the microwave reheating cart "Meal SHUTTLE".

The main reason for using this torque hinge was its ability to prevent door swinging, ensuring that the door remains stable and doesn't open or close unintentionally, even on inclined surfaces. Additionally, it stands out as one of the few torque hinges suitable for swing doors.

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