Soft-Close Hinge Series

For Horizontal Swing Doors (Vertical Use)

Enhance the Safety and Differentiate Your Device with Our Soft-Close Hinges!

What is a soft-close hinge for horizontal swing doors?

Soft-close hinges are hinges with built-in dampers. They automatically and quietly close the doors without additional door dampers or closers.

Benefits of using Sugatsune's Soft-Close Hinges

Enhances safety measures

The soft-close function reduces shock for internal devices and prevents finger pinching.

Prevents doors from opening

The self-close function helps to keep doors in a closed position.

Easy to adjust

The closing speed can be easily adjusted (with a hex key).

Product Line Up

Surface-Mount Type

Door weight: 1 to 7 kg/2 pcs

These are surface-mount type hinges. They can be easily installed on aluminium frames, machines, or equipments.

See more details Parts Set for Aluminium Frame

Concealed Type

Door weight: 1 to 7 kg/2 pcs

These hinges are hidden when the door is closed, creating a clean appearance.

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Lift-off Type

Door weight: 1 to 7 kg/2 pcs

Lift-off gravity hinges allow for easy installation and door removal. The door position can be adjusted for depth and in a horizontal direction.

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Case Study

The soft-close function and design quality of a high-end machine.

Retraction function improves work efficiency by preventing accidental machinery shut-off.

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Recommended Products for Horizontal Swing Doors

360 Concealed Hinge

360 concealed hinges are built with Lapcon technology. They feature a 5-speed adjustable damper, and the depth, vertical, horizontal adjustments can be made easily.

See more details
DC-200 Damper Catch

The damper catches are easy to install by simply aligning the body with the edge of the cabinet, and can handle doors up to 40 kg.

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Q. From what angles does the soft-close function engage?

A. The self-close function operates (automatically closes doors) from a 65° angle with the HG-JG and a 35° angle with the HG-JV65.

Q. Is it recommended to use a catch together with the hinge?

A. The soft-close function helps to keep doors in a closed position, but if you want the door to remain firmly closed, we recommend you to install a separate catch.

Q. Can the hinges be used for top opening lids?

A. HG-JG or HG-JV65 cannot be used for opening lids. If you are looking for a soft-close hinge for a top opening lid, please select a hinge that meets your requirements from the selection tool "Sasuga-kun".

Q. Is there any specific direction regarding the mounting interval between the hinges?

A. A larger mounting interval is advantageous for better load bearing capacity and resistance against door sagging. Make the mounting interval as large as possible.

Other Recommendations

Motion Design Tech (MDT) is Sugatsune's innovative product concept aimed at delivering specialised movement solutions for flaps and doors. It enhances flap or door operation by offering five motion options, improving user experience and adding extra value to the final product when the most suitable motion is selected.


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