LAMP Brand

An original brand of Sugatsune quality

LAMP brand represents our answers to numerous manufacturing challenges and Sugatsune's commitment to quality and function is evident in the design, construction, material selection, finishing, and quality control of our products.

Confidence in our quality

Due to our "manufacturing by pursuing the ideal" strategy, which includes stringent quality control, a reliable testing system, and a dedication to exquisite finishes, you can use LAMP products with confidence for a long time. This ensures a consistent supply of goods of high calibre.

Specialised mechanisms

The components of LAMP are symbolised by their unique mechanisms, which are the outcome of our creative vision. By choosing the best mechanism for the project during the design phase, we maximise the potential of the components and produce a product of a quality that our clients can rely on.

The art of attention to detail

Design is an integral part of our hardware. With this in mind, we make no compromises with materials and finishes. Sugatsune's dedication is demonstrated by the stunning finishes and exquisite craftsmanship of our products, which are like works of art.

The Origin of LAMP Brand

The initial trademark for LAMP goods was derived by the company's founder, Tsunezaburo Sugasawara, from the Japanese symbol for "ordinary" (常). By separating this character into its component pieces, he took this to symbolize "the use of fire," which he chose to designate as a metaphor for wisdom and courage. He visualized this concept as a lamp. He thought that Sugatsune goods may, even if only a little, "brighten" society. Sugatsune's reliable quality is still represented by the logo to this day.

Circa 1930-1990

Design Without Compromise

Discover how we design and create

  • Episode 1: Satin Finish

  • Episode 2: Mirror Finish

  • Episode 3: Design

  • Episode 4: Function & Mechanism

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