Hinges play a defining role in cabinet and architectural door systems. A door is only a door if there is a means of opening and closing it. With the exception of sliding mechanisms, door motion depends fundamentally on hinges.

For that reason, hinges occupy a very special place in the Sugatsune range. Throughout the company’s history, we have poured all of our expertise in design, precision engineering and innovation into creating hinges that don’t just allow doors to work – they define the very essence of what a door can do.

About Hinges

In Japanese, a common word for hinge is “choutsugai”, which literally means “paired butterflies”. Look at a butt hinge, with its pair of opposing plates around a central pivot, and you see instantly where the name comes from.

But at Sugatsune, we like to think we take the reference a little further. Like a butterfly, we design and engineer our hinges to be elegant in both form and motion – pleasing on the eye, graceful in how they move.

Hinge motion is a very important concept for us. Over the years we have set ourselves the goal of reimagining what hinge mechanisms are capable of, integrating value-added motion solutions – smooth, silent soft close, free stop hold in any position – directly into the hinge itself, without the need for extra components.

As well as the products listed in this section, look for our lateral-opening hinge solutions listed in our cabinet door and architectural door hardware sections, which use an innovative multi-pivot mechanism to rethink the traditional arc motion of a conventional hinge and therefore provide an alternative to sliding systems.

Concealed hinges

Concealed hinges offer a premium solution to cabinet makers and furniture designers. By attaching to the interior surface of the cabinet rather than to the face frame, concealed hinges offer a seamless, pristine finish, with no parts visible from the outside when the door is closed and a reduced gap between door and casing.

The standard concealed hinge mechanism makes use of a double pivot to provide the necessary arcing motion for both inset and overlay doors. This tends to be less robust than the single pivot found in conventional hinges, meaning concealed hinges have in the past mostly been restricted to small to medium sized cabinet doors.

But with typical flair for innovation and determination to think a way around design issues, Sugatsune has overcome that limitation. The J95 is a breakthrough product, capable of holding doors weighing up to 40kg, and therefore extending the concealed hinge concept to full-length cupboard and wardrobe doors. The follow-up J160, meanwhile, adds further value with a wide-angle 160 degree opening arc, meaning open doors can sit back flat against adjacent surfaces, plus an integrated soft close mechanism (see below).

Another standout set of products in our concealed hinge range is the HES3D series. Whereas most concealed hinges make use of an elongated body to hold the double pivot, the HES3D concept re-engineers the familiar ‘butterfly’ hinge shape, using extended leaves/’wings’, a central recess and a triple pivot mechanism.

The result is a compact yet robust hinge design narrow enough to be mounted on a door frame. With products capable of bearing loads up to 125kg, the HES3D range offers a complete solution for everything from small cabinets all the way up to interior doors. To complement the intrinsic grace of the HES3D design, we also offer products in a range of attractive finishes and recommend they are paired with LDD dampers for the ultimate in discreet, premium motion.

Soft close & damper hinges

Soft close is a Sugatsune speciality. Thanks to our patented Lapcon rotary damper mechanism, we have pioneered premium smooth close control for cabinet and architectural hardware alike.

Sugatsune was the first company to introduce hinges with integrated damper mechanisms onto the market. Suitable for lids, flaps, showcases, dressers, toilet seats and more, our current HG damper hinge range delivers a gentle closing motion and prevents slamming without the need for additional components. The series also includes products with built-in self-opening mechanisms.

We have also extended the concept to door hinges, most notably to the Olympia 360 concealed hinge. With a five-way adjustable Lapcon damper integrated into the main hinge mechanism, the Olympia 360 allows the damping force to be adjusted for different size doors and to deliver different closing speeds.

Free stop & detent hinges

Free stop is another premium motion concept Sugatsune has spent years developing and perfecting. Using torque mechanisms, our extensive range of free stop hinges are designed to hold in any open position. Ideal for keeping lids and flaps open without the need for a stay, our torque hinges are also useful for numerous other applications, from folding tables to screen and lighting stands.

While free stop torque technology will hold a door or lid in any position, detent hinges offer a pre-set number of fixed opening angles – in our range, between one and three. Small in size, detent hinges are ideal for small containers and boxes. Our range includes a product with an in-built damper.

Self-close hinges

Gravity hinges use the weight of a door to automatically close it if left open. Particularly useful in applications like shower cubicles where leaving the door open could cause problems, our range includes hinges that will close anywhere within a 170 degree opening radius and which have passed 300,000 open/close cycles in testing.

Glass door hinges

With our passion for providing our customers with quality, innovation and choice of products for all their needs, Sugatsune offers versions of most hinge types specially customized for glass doors. This includes products designed and manufactured as part of wider ranges of glass showcase components, including the premium GS-G series.

Standard hinges

There are many different types of conventional hinge suited to many different purposes. With providing an optimum level of choice for all of our customers always at the front of our minds, Sugatsune offers an exhaustive range of standard hinge products covering all cabinet-making and architectural use cases. Available are the following:

  • Butt hinges: The original ‘butterfly’ design, butt hinges are arguably the most versatile of all hinge types. With products available in brass and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, we supply butt hinges suitable for an enormous range of door weights and sizes, from maximum loads of just 4kg per pair all the way up to 80kg.
  • Spring hinges: By adding a spring mechanism to the pivot, these hinges help to hold doors in the close position by exerting a constant push force.
  • Lift-off hinges: In function and appearance very similar to butt hinges, the ‘lift-off’ in the name refers to the fact that the two plates can be separated by lifting one half off the central pivot. This makes it easy to remove a door once the hinges have been fitted.
  • Angle hinges: Whereas standard butt hinges tend to support an opening angle of up to 90 degree or just beyond, angle hinges are designed to support 180 degree opening, meaning an open door can sit flush against adjacent cabinets.
  • Pivot hinges: Pivot hinges are installed at the top or base of a door to make them less conspicuous. We offer types suitable for both inset and overlay doors.
  • Table top & piano hinges: Table top hinges are designed specially for lifting lids and flaps horizontally. We supply versions providing 90 degree and 180 degree opening angles. Piano hinges are special slim, elongated versions of table top hinges that can be cut to custom lengths.

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