Sugatsune is globally renowned as one of the world’s leading storage solution specialists. As well as providing a peerless range of cabinet and architectural door hardware – components that help to keep storage areas enclosed, covered and tucked out of the way – we also specialise in shelving systems and related hardware.

Designed to match reliability with aesthetic appeal, our shelving solutions are widely chosen across residential and domestic interior design, as well as for commercial use in sectors like retail and hospitality. Manufactured with our signature attention to quality and detail, Sugatsune shelving systems also reflect the talent and taste of our world class design teams.

Shelving systems

Sometimes storage alone is not enough. Whether you’re a retailer looking to show off your merchandise in the best possible manner, or an interior designer wanting to use open storage as a device within an overall plan, we understand that display matters.

Sugatsune’s fully integrated shelving systems deliver on style, strength and flexibility, providing complete storage and display solutions for a wide range of purposes.

Our range includes superior quality glass unit shelves based on simple, uncluttered contemporary designs. Varieties include standalone or wall mounted options, a ‘floating’ type and one product that can double up as a partition by attaching panels to the rear.

Ideal for retail displays, showcases, walk-in closets and residential interiors, the combination of aluminium alloy frames with glass shelves provides a clean, modern appearance that avoids unwanted shadow. Precisely engineered clamping solutions, meanwhile, guarantee stability and strength.

Our level adjustable shelving systems, meanwhile, deliver the ultimate in flexibility and convenience while sacrificing nothing in strength. Based around a system of wall-mounted panels with a series of horizontal brackets, shelves simply slot into position, with no need to bore grooves into the wall. Glass or wooden shelves can be slotted anywhere using a simple snap-in catch which, once in position, can bear weights of up to 40kgf (with wooden shelves). To change the position of a shelf or adjust height, it is simply a matter of unclipping the catch mechanism and repositioning.

Finally, our FLUQS wall shelving system is a unique concept that delivers an attractive contemporary look. Taking its name from the Latin “flatus” for wave because of the flowing, ripple-like effect it creates in a wall, FLUQS is designed for maximum flexibility, delivering the freedom to arrange shelves in any pattern or configuration, how and when you please. The concept is based on installing horizontal tracks, available in either acrylic or aluminium plate, which can be recess or surface mounted. There are two types of FLUQS product, a rail system and a hook system, with both delivering the same flexibility – install as many tracks as you like to create as many configuration options as you need.


Wall brackets provide the classic solution for mounting shelves and objects. Sugatsune supplies traditional L-shaped angle brackets in a wide range of sizes. All products are exclusively manufactured from high strength stainless steel, with maximum load-bearing capacity of up to 82.5kgf. Our SSA angle brackets, meanwhile, which are designed to be installed horizontally or vertically, can take loads of up to 150kgf.

We also manufacture folding brackets which allow shelves to be retracted when not in use and which can also be used as hinges on counter flaps. This range includes the heavy duty EB folding bracket, which can bear loads of up to 200kgf and be paired with the EBD, an exclusive soft close damper for flaps and folding shelves fitted with Sugatsune’s patented Lapcon technology.

Shelf organizers

Shelf organizers are a popular shelving solution that are high on simplicity, convenience and reliability. These systems combine ‘shelf standards’ – vertical wall-mounted rails with a series of slots in different positions – with accompanying holders. Once the standards are mounted, holders can be repositioned with ease to adjust shelf position and height.

Sugatsune shelf standards are mostly manufactured from stainless steel for strength and durability, with options including a heavy duty solution capable of supporting loads up to 130kgf, a slimline narrow option and a version that utilises a slotted track system rather than fixed slots for additional flexibility in positioning.

Each shelf organizer solution pairs standards with a choice of compatible shelf holders. In all, we have close to 40 different types of holder available, including rubber capped varieties to prevent slippage, levelling supports with adjustable caps, hooks, pipes, sockets, storage trays and length-adjustable brackets.


Sugatsune supplies all the miscellaneous accessories you might require for fitting, replacing or repairing shelving systems, including washers, caps, dowels, bushings and corner fastenings and connectors.

Of particular note are the superlative glass shelf clamps that form part of our ultra-premium Zwei L range. Pressed and cut from corrosion resistant SUS316 stainless steel and featuring the characteristic Zwei Licht or ‘dual light’ contrasting finishes, these products underline how even the smallest components can make a statement. Ideal for showcases and displays in luxury retail, hospitality residential interiors and more, the range also includes mirror supports.

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