Sugatsune offers a wide range of catches and latches for furniture doors and industrial equipment.
They are both used to keep doors closed, but differ in a few important ways. To learn about the basics, click the link below.
About Catches & Latches

Our product range for catches and latches is one of the most comprehensive available, covering more than a dozen different types of mechanism. We manufacture and supply more than 50 different types of magnetic catch alone, plus counter plates, ensuring we can offer solutions for every purpose.

As with all of our furniture and architectural components, our mission is to supply catches and latches that deliver on style and as well as build quality, reliability and durability. We therefore produce a number of products that are completely concealed from sight when a unit is closed, while others, including products sold under our flagship Zwei L brand, are designed with premium appearance in mind.


Latches are holding mechanisms that make use of a movable component which, when closed, attaches to a fastening on the frame of the unit to keep the door, drawer or flap shut. Latches therefore require a means of activating and releasing the hold mechanism, such as a button, a lever, a slide or a rotary handle.

Push knob latch

Push knob latches are operated by a button which locks the latch in position against the counter plate when pressed in. When pressed again, the latch releases.

When in the closed position, push knobs sit flush with the surrounding panel for a smart, tidy finish which also avoids the risk of accidents involving protruding components. We maximise the aesthetic qualities of our push knob latches by making them available in a range of materials and finishes, including the highly desirable dual polished sophistication of our Zwei L range. We also offer a push knob bar latch suitable for large cabinet doors, which operates three latches from a single button.

Magnetic touch latch

Touch latches are not only fully concealed when a door is closed, they also require no handle for opening – perfect for achieving an uncluttered, minimalist look. Whereas magnetic catches (see below) have to be pulled to break the hold on the counter plate, and therefore require a handle, the hold on our magnetic touch latches is broken with a gentle push. Our products are particularly well suited to glass doors, with optional steel push plates available to avoid fingerprints on the surface of the glass.

Non-magnetic touch latch

Non-magnetic touch latches operate on the same principle as their magnetic cousins – the hold between latch and counter plate is broken with a push, meaning no handle is required. But instead of magnetic force, these products use a tension mechanism to hold closed doors in place.

Our range includes spring-loaded long stroke options with a maximum retaining force of up to 12kgf, which makes them suitable for mid-sized cabinet doors. We also offer mini touch latches for smaller cabinets which benefit from simple snap-in installation.

Draw latches

Draw latches are used to secure lids and flaps in a closed/’down’ position. They operate via an arm attached to the mounting plate which hooks on to the counter plate and is then secured with a push-down lever.

Manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for strength and durability, the Sugatsune range includes compression and spring-mounted versions capable of exerting loads of up to 80kgf – ideal for holding heavyweight lids mounted on sprung lift-assist hinges. We supply products with safety locks, which require a release button to be pressed before the latch can be undone, as well as a version with a key lock for added security.

Lever latch

Lever latches are designed for overlay doors and flaps where the door is longer or wider than the frame. A latch is mounted on the overhung portion which attaches to a simple counter plate when the door is pushed closed. When the door is pulled, an in-built lever mechanism automatically releases the latch. Because the overhung portion of the door can be used to pull, there is no need for handles or knobs.

We utilise a similar mechanism on our flush slam latches. Designed to be mounted in a cut out on the door, the latch automatically engages when the door is pushed closed, and is released by the in-built lever handle. Available in polycarbonate, stainless steel and aluminium alloy stainless steel varieties, these versatile products make for an attractive and convenient latch-handle combination.

Bolts, hasps and bar latches

Horizontal latch mechanisms provide some of the most straightforward yet effective solutions available. Ideal for sheds and other outhouses, gates, bathroom doors and to provide a classic rustic look on interior cabinets, sliding barrel bolts, vertical-arcing bars and forward-arcing hasps are hard to beat for versatility and reliability.

We manufacture all products in this category from corrosion-resistant, hard-wearing stainless steel, making these latches equally suitable for use indoors and out.

Sliding door latches

A number of Sugatsune sliding door latches are designed with domestic bathrooms and public conveniences in mind, with the handles/opening mechanisms on the inside and the option to have engaged indicators on the outside. The HC-3051, meanwhile, is designed for domestic interior doors. It is operated with a discreet slide handle and comes with options to have handles on one or both sides, an engaged indicator or a cylinder lock.


Magnetic catch

Magnetic catches are simple, small, discreet and reliably effective – everything you want from a no-nonsense door hold solution. With more than 50 different magnetic catch options available, our priority is to give clients all the choices they need, for every situation.

Due to the forces relatively small magnets are able to exert, our magnetic catches are suitable mainly for smaller cabinet doors and drawers. By using highly magnetic neodymium, our most heavy duty magnetic latches are capable of exerting a retaining force of up to 15kgf. We offer ultra-thin varieties suitable for deployment on the forward face of the cabinet frame rather than the inside panel. We also supply versions hermetically sealed in silicone rubber, which prevents corrosion of the magnetic core when using ferrite and muffles any sound when the catch ‘clicks’ into place.

Non-magnetic catches

Our rotary and knuckle catches are simple, lightweight mechanisms designed for general use in cabinets around the home. Made out of resin, they use friction to apply a light-touch hold to doors and drawers, which requires only a gentle pull force to release. But despite their small size, some of our friction catch products have passed 100,000 open/close cycles in testing, guaranteeing years of reliable operation.

For larger cabinets and a tighter hold, we also manufacture stainless steel tension and roller catches.

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