Lockmaking is regarded as one of the most highly skilled of all crafts, and with good reason. A good key lock must strike a balance between robust, rugged strength and delicate precision – tough enough to resist brute force, but with barrel mechanisms intricate enough to repel any attempts to pick them.

About Locks

To these essential qualities, Sugatsune looks to add what we consider to be important design criteria across all of our components – innovation, choice, convenience and a focus on making products that look as good as they work. Our range of locks therefore draw on all the skills and expertise that have put us at the forefront of component design and engineering for decades.

We specialise in locks for interior cabinets, including drawers, chests, cupboards, wardrobes, partition doors and display cases. With one eye on the aesthetic concerns of furniture makers, interior designers and architects, we aim to make locking mechanisms that are as small and discreet as possible, without compromising anything on security.

For those same reasons, we also create locks in a range of styles and finishes to appeal to all tastes and to fit with many themes. Materials such as stainless steel, brass and other zinc alloys are chosen for their combination of durability and aesthetic appeal, while we also strive to deliver convenience and ease of use with touches such as reversible keys which can be inserted either way up.

Key changes and master keys

While security is paramount with key lock systems, so is ease of access. Key different solutions offer the most robust security by operating on a one lock, one key basis. But when you have multiple locks to deal with in a series – in a number of different display cases, for example – this creates the logistical problem of finding the right key for the right lock when you need to open them.

Key alike systems use a single key for multiple locks. But then if a key is lost, the security advice is that you should change every lock, just in case it has fallen into the wrong hands. This is time consuming and expensive. The same principle applies if one of the locks breaks – you would have to change every lock in order to keep using a single key.

An alternative option is to change the key instead, also known as rekeying. This works by changing the pattern of the tumblers in the barrel (known as the bitting), and then making a key to suit. The old key will no longer work once the key change is made. This is much easier and cheaper than changing locks completely. But it relies on locks that are designed to allow key changes.

At Sugatsune, we offer a range of solutions designed to strike the right balance between convenience and security. Our Million Lock series allows up to one million key changes – meaning you never run out of options for cutting unique new keys as part of regular security updates. At the other end of the scale, we offer products that offer a maximum of two key changes, but offer the convenience of rekeying the cylinder simply by inserting a pre-cut new key and rotating it 360 degrees.

Many of our key series are available as both key different and key alike solutions, and can be mixed as required – you might, for example, want a single key to open all cabinets in one room or department, but different keys for each area. We also offer master keys, available either made to order or as optional extras, to assist with management of key different systems. Master keys are also used when rekeying some locks.

Finally, our Interchangeable Lock series allows cylinders in locks to be replaced quickly and conveniently as an alternative to both rekeying and complete lock changes. This system requires a master key to remove existing cylinders.

Cabinet locks

Sugatsune produces an extensive range of standard cylinder deadlocks especially designed for office furniture, bureaus, wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers and more. Suitable for both wooden and sheet metal cabinets with panel thicknesses up to 36mm, our cabinet locks balance robust construction with convenient operation, tasteful design and maximum choice in security and keying arrangements.

Many of our products can be used flexibly either on cabinet doors or drawers simply by rotating the unit through 90 degrees. The 7810W series features twin dead locks for use on double swing doors or a drawer/door combination, and we also manufacture cylinder locks for slide doors. We have cabinet locks available as part of both our Million Lock and Interchangeable Lock series, with reversible and conventional key options.

Glass door locks

Glass cabinets and showcases are built for display, which is why we design our glass door locks to help customers show off their wares in the best possible light. Our XL-GC range of glass showcase hardware, for example, includes locks for swing, slide and double doors, all benefitting from a tasteful chrome finish and a side mounting solution that has the key hole on the side of the lock for a clean, discreet appearance.

Similarly, our brand new GS-G showcase range offers exquisitely coordinated hinges, brackets and locks with a unified flat design and a choice of sophisticated chrome, gold plate and black finishes. As part of the Million Lock series, customers have the option of using a single key for GS-G showcase locks as well as other cabinets. The range also includes the high security Super Rim lock, recommended for retail outlets selling high value luxury items, which offers up to three million key changes and an extra secure long, sturdy deadbolt with copy-resistant dimpled key design.

Across the rest of our glass door lock range, we offer cylinder, push and cam lock types. We also manufacture the Excelock electronic locking system, suitable for glass display cases as well as for wooden cabinet doors. Rather than a conventional key, the Excelock uses a RFID scan system, with an antenna mounted on the cabinet and a swipe card to deactivate the lock. A single control unit is able to control multiple locks simultaneously, allowing you to secure a case in several positions without the visual interruption of any external keyholes.

Push locks

While many types of key lock work by moving a bolt or latch into position when the key is turned, push locks are a little different. They feature a cylinder that moves backwards and forwards which, when a door is closed, can be pressed in to attach to the counterplate. Some types will lock automatically once the cylinder is pressed, others will require the key to be turned to lock it closed.

Push locks are particularly well suited to sliding doors, which is what Sugatsune’s range is designed for. With varieties suitable for glass, wood and metal sheet doors, we manufacture key-to-lock and push-to-lock varieties. Products in our Million Lock series can share keys with other types of lock.

Central locking systems

Central locking systems operate multiple locks from a single keyhole simultaneously and are typically used on chests of drawers. Sugatsune offers solutions as part of our Million Lock and Interchangeable Lock series, with individual lock mechanisms sold separately from the key cylinder and guide bar so systems can be customized for as many locks as required.

Cam locks

Cam locks offer an excellent general purpose solution for cabinets. Small and discreet, cam locks are perhaps the most straightforward of all lock types to install because of the reduced cut out dimensions.

Cam locks operate using a simple rotating latch (the cam) which moves through 90 degrees to open and close. Sugatsune manufactures types designed for use in high security situations like vending machines and ATMs as well as for glass cases and wooden cabinets, so our range includes extra strong stainless steel versions with reinforced cams.


Other locks in the Sugatsune catalogue include the DIT-19, a combination-type code lock designed for cabinet doors. Simple to install, the DIT-19 is ideal for creating staff-only access to storage spaces in retail environments.

We also offer high security padlocks, lockable box latches for storage box lids (e.g. compartments on motorbikes) and a range of security locks for laptops.

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