At Sugatsune, we are always looking for ways to open doors to new possibilities. The conventional wisdom is that doors provide access in and out of a room. They swing open, they swing shut. Case closed.

But as with so much of our product range, we look beyond what interior doors are supposed to do. To us, it is much more interesting to ask – what might they be capable of? For example, across our architectural door systems, we apply different types of motion, sliding and lateral opening, so that doors can be placed exactly where you want them to be, not where the dimensions and layout of the room dictate they have to be.

About Architectural Door Hardware

Rather than simply providing access, we have looked at how door systems can be used to create brand new spaces within homes and workplaces, without the need for extensive construction work. And we have applied our expertise in premium motion to create soft and self-closing systems, including our market-leading range of door dampers.

As always, we are also mindful of how the small details make all the difference, especially when it comes to aesthetic appeal. That is why we pair our interior door systems with the very finest components in our catalogue. Choices include our ultra-premium Zwei L brand door handles and stoppers with their exquisite contrasting mirror and satin finishes, and our game-changing HES concealed hinges .

Sliding Doors

Conventional swing doors can sometimes pose a dilemma for interior designers. In the interests of making the best use of space, having a door arc outwards is not always ideal. Whether it is because space is at a premium or out of a desire to maintain a sharp, clean aesthetic, open doors can get in the way.

Sliding doors provide a flexible space-saving solution. By moving the door laterally along top and bottom rails, these systems keep doors neatly tucked out of the way when open, ideal for thoroughfares and partitioned off spaces that you don’t want closed off all the time.

At Sugatsune, we build flexible, durable, attractive sliding systems suitable for many different environments. With solutions capable of bearing loads of up to 80kg, our FD range is equally at home in residential interiors, in hotels, retail stores and other commercial premises. Our products are also built to last, passing up to 300,000 open/close cycles in tests.

FD sliding door systems come in standard and pocket varieties, the latter creating a recess which fully encloses the door when open. Pocket systems can be integrated seamlessly with surrounding walls for an uncluttered, unobtrusive look.

As with our hinged products, quality of motion in our sliding doors really matters to us. We have recently overhauled the soft close mechanisms built into our FD rollers, meaning they now require 30% less force to operate and provide a longer ‘catch’ point, delivering delightfully smooth, silent control. Soft close can also be applied in both directions, providing consistency and avoiding pinched fingers at both sides.

In addition, we also offer systems that pair soft close with self-close, meaning the door will return to a closed position following application of a minimal initial force, rather than having to be pushed for the duration of its run. This light-touch solution takes all the effort out of closing doors weighing up to 30kg. Adjustable close speed and a damper also protects against the risk of a door slamming shut too fast and causing damage.

Partition systems

Sliding door mechanisms need not be restricted to a single panel covering a single opening. In fact, one of the great attractions of sliding systems is that they can be extended to create partitions of virtually any dimensions. By extending the guide rails and multiplying the number of panels, you can quickly and easily divide a large single space into two, or partition off a particular space. Moreover, you can open up the entire partition and close it off again as you please.

Partition systems therefore offer an excellent means of using space more flexibly. But conventional sliding mechanisms pose an issue – each panel on the same rail has to overlap slightly. This means the more panels you wish to add (and therefore the longer you want your partition to be), the greater the depth required. Sliding partitions of four, five panels or more can quickly become ungainly and impractical.

Sugatsune’s renowned design engineers applied themselves to finding a solution and came up with the stackable partition system. Instead of overlapping, the panels in our innovative stackable system sit flat together adjacent on the rail, making them space-efficient and user-friendly.

For convenience and ease of installation, our stackable partition systems feature a top slide rail only, with a bottom magnetic guide in place of a rail. Panels and doors alike are simply hung onto the rollers in their ‘closed’ position. To open, panels are slid across in turn to the stacking plate, with options to stack them parallel or perpendicular to the rail. Precision engineered 2×2 quad rollers provide ultra-smooth motion, even around corners, for panels weighing up to 40kg each.

Swing Door

If clearance distance is the only obstacle getting in the way of using swing doors in your room layout, then the SKD rolling door system provides an alternative to sliding doors. Like our sliding door hardware, the SKD uses a top mounted rail and roller system, but one that pivots as the door slides open. This means the SKD requires just a third of the clearance space of a conventional swing door, making it an ideal option for tight spaces.

We also offer flexible aluminium swing door frames for glass. The robust, durable frame is quick and straightforward to mount, making it a great option for adding doors to walk-in closets or partitioned spaces with a minimum of fuss. By using intermediate supports and up to five glass panels, the system is suitable for tall doors up to 3000mm in height.

Door Dampers

With our innovative range of door dampers, the precision and control of our patented Lapcon soft close technology can be applied to full length interior doors. Our flagship LDD range offers a premium solution ideal for anyone who desires soft, silent closure for their doors.

Making use of a late catch point mechanism which slows the motion of the door 15 degrees from closing, LDD dampers are small and discreet compared to traditional door closers, which use an arm to control the motion of a door throughout its swing. LDD products are nonetheless designed to be tough and durable, with the LDD-V100 capable of holding doors up to 100kg in weight and passing 100,000 cycles in testing. We recommend that LDD dampers are paired with HES concealed hinges for perfect control and minimal visual impact.

In addition, we also supply the LDC-N2, a more conventional door closer also fitted with a Lapcon rotary damper. In both product types, a key advantage of the Lapcon damper is that closing speed can be adjusted for the ultimate in precision control on every door.

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