Every interior designer appreciates the value of flexibility and choice when it comes to storage options. Creative use of fitted cupboards, closets, wardrobes and partitioned alcoves can become a focal feature of a room’s layout and design, providing practical solutions that are also big on style.

About Wardrobe & Cabinet Door Hardware

At Sugatsune, we bring our own flair for innovation to the table in the form of wardrobe and cabinet door hardware that provides an alternative to conventional swing open and close motion. Whether it is for reasons of space, access, tidiness or just for the sake of doing something different, sometimes that familiar arcing swing just won’t do.

By applying a little lateral thinking to sideways door motion, our world class designers and engineers have developed a range of products that show there really is more than one way to open a door. They include relatively familiar solutions such as sliding and folding door systems, plus some more exotic options, such as our groundbreaking ‘flush’ lateral opening doors, multiple motion and pocket door systems.

Flush Door Systems

Standard swing hinges pose a problem if there is not enough space in front of a cabinet to open the door fully. But even aside from that, there is always the feeling that swing doors can get in the way a little when open, making a room look untidy.

Our solution to both problems is the lateral opening hinge. Standard hinges have a single pivot, which means a door has to swing through an arc. By contrast, our lateral hinges make use of multiple pivot points, arranged in such a way that the door shifts laterally sideways rather than swinging outwards. This also means that the door comes to sit flush with the adjacent surface, tucked neatly out of the way while it is open.

Our flagship flush door system is the MonoFlat Lin-X range. A breakthrough in the lateral hinge concept, Lin-X hinges deliver small radius opening with a sideways shift without the need for any additional track or rail. That makes mounting them easy and convenient – just like any conventional hinge, in fact.

Lin-X hinges are fully concealed when the door is closed for a clean, uncluttered look and are easily adjusted so they sit fully flush with the frame and adjacent wall whether closed or open. They are also fitted with Lapcon dampers to deliver a pristine soft, smooth motion when closing. Delivering maximum flexibility, Lin-X hinges can be deployed for left and right dual opening and in L-shaped corner spaces.

Another key innovation with the Lin-X range is that we have overcome the load-bearing limitations on lateral hinges that originally meant they were only suitable for small to medium sized cabinet doors. But our award-winning Lin-X1000 hinge is able to bear loads of 90kg, while we have also added the Lin-X800 and Lin-X800H which are suitable for doors weighing up to 40kg. These are the only trackless lateral opening systems available on the market that are suitable for full length wardrobe and partition doors.

Multiple Motion Door Systems

The MultiMo FLAT system is a sliding door concept with a difference. In the normal course of things, sliding doors – and doors in general, as a matter of fact – always occupy the same position, opening and closing to hide and reveal the same space.

MultiMo FLAT is designed for a series of adjacent cabinets. The sliding rails on which the doors are mounted all fit together to form a continuous guide, which allows the doors to do something unique – they can slide across to take up any available position.

Moving the doors around into different positions feels just like solving a puzzle. And while there is a simple pleasure in that alone, the system is designed to offer convenience and ease of access. Instead of having to open and close doors in a fixed order, you can quickly slide them into any available slot to get to where you need to be. You can also open two adjacent doors in opposite directions to double your access. Built-in dampers on the rails mean all movement is controlled and smooth.

We manufacture MultiMo FLAT systems for both wood and glass doors. With only 80mm panel depth (84mm for glass) required for mounting, they are ideal for shallow cabinets where space is restricted. Extra doors for extra cabinets can easily be added simply by slotting in new sliding units.

Pocket Door Systems

Pocket door systems are designed to maximise access to the interior of a cabinet while ensuring open doors are not an unwanted hindrance. They do this by combining conventional swing hinges with a guide rail so that when the door is opened, it can be slid back out of the way tucked against the cabinet side panel.

We produce pocket door systems for both inset and overlay doors, for cabinets ranging in size from 820mm in height to 2400mm and weights of up to 20kg. For wider spaces, we also offer a system for folding doors. This means pocket doors can be used for everything from TV or computer monitor cabinets to full-length display cases to partitioned laundry rooms – anywhere you might want to open up access for prolonged periods and not have the doors getting in the way.

Sugatsune pocket door systems make use of concealed hinges for a flawless appearance when the doors are closed. The hinges also provide simple clip-on mounting on both the door and the slide rails.

Sliding Door Systems

Our XL-GC series provides a complete solution for glass display cabinet sliding doors. Comprising upper and lower rails with corresponding rollers, guides and brackets, the XL-GC system is designed to allow two glass doors, one inner and one outer, to slide freely anywhere across the width of the cabinet. It is suitable for panels up to 500mm in width, 1200mm in height and weighing up to 12kg. The series also comes with its own corresponding lock.

We also supply an over travel slide system for wooden and mirrored doors. Over travel means the rails allow the doors to move to the full extension available, maximising access to the cabinet. This is available for doors up to 900mm in height and weighing up to 5kg.

Folding Door Systems

Sugatsune offers three types of folding door system for cabinets, full-length wardrobes and partition doors. The KF28 combines top and bottom rails with concealed hinges mounted on one side panel to provide bi-fold opening in a single direction. Suitable for lightweight doors up to a maximum height of 2400mm, this system can be deployed using between two and five hinges.

The FD30 system, meanwhile, features no side hinges and can therefore be deployed either with a fixed pivot point to open and close in one direction, or as a slidable solution with both panels moving in either direction. This latter improves access and maximises the space available.

Finally, our premium SFD sliding door system uses no guide rails at the top or bottom, simplifying installation and providing a clean, clutter free finish. Instead, it combines side-mounted concealed hinges and centre bi-fold hinges with a top-mounted stay that controls the closing motion, delivering a smooth, soft close. The SFD is suitable for doors up to 2600mm in height weighing up to 8kg.

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