Electrical and digital appliances – computers, TVs & digital screens, stereos, smart speakers and assistants, mobile devices – are ubiquitous in modern homes and work spaces. And wherever there are electrical appliances, there are also cables, sockets and power points.

All of these must be factored into contemporary cabinet and furniture design – what is the most efficient way to get cables to the appliances that need them, how can all of those wires be effectively managed so they are safely and neatly tucked out of the way, how can sockets and access routes be incorporated into the overall design so they do not look unsightly or out of place?

With our commitment to helping our customers see to even the smallest of details, Sugatsune supplies components which provide solutions to all of these issues and more. On the subject of cable management, for example, we offer an extensive range of cable grommets. Fitted into desks, TV stands, computer cabinets and so on, grommets provide a portal for cables to pass through, helping to keep wires tidy and organised, and ensuring they can get to appliances in the most convenient way possible.

Sugatsune’s cable grommets come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes, ranging from simple slot-in tubes to options with adjustable and multiple openings and a choice of covers. Materials such as brass and thermoplastic polymers are chosen because they combine an attractive appearance with insulating properties as a safety precaution. Adjustable apertures mean that grommets can be used for cables of varying thicknesses, while covers mean the opening can be neatly closed when not in use.

We also offer products that combine cable grommets with ventilators. Because electrical appliances can generate a lot of heat, it is important to allow air to circulate around closed units to help them cool to prevent damage and avoid fire risks.

Our ventilators come in a range of shapes and sizes, from small clip-on polymer options to larger stainless steel and aluminium alloy products which may be used for architectural purposes to provide airflow to full-length closets, partitioned spaces and rooms. This latter application is recommended for combatting the risk of damp and mildew.

A number of our ventilators feature very small mesh-like apertures to prevent insects and dust getting through, which is an important maintenance consideration for electrical equipment. We also supply adjustable ventilators which allow airflow to be controlled to suit conditions, e.g. opening the apertures wider to encourage more airflow when it is warm but closing them to prevent draughts on colder days.

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