For freestanding cabinets and furniture, manufacturers have a choice whether to build them to stand stationary in position or to be mobile. For certain types of unit – computer desks, TV and stereo cabinets, filing cabinets, tables – the option to move them around easily and safely adds convenience and value. The simplest option is to install casters on the legs or base.

About Casters & Levelling Glides

Levelling glides, on the other hand, are used to provide stability to stationary furniture. On uneven surfaces, levelling glides can be adjusted so that the unit above remains perfectly horizontal, an important consideration for display cases, for example. Levelling glides can also be used to provide a firm, sturdy contact between floor and cabinet, particularly useful on glossy surfaces, and even to absorb shocks and vibrations so they do not shake the entire unit.


As with all of our components, we care passionately about the quality of the experience delivered by our casters. That is why we make sure no detail is overlooked in developing products that deliver smooth, graceful motion, that are supremely durable and reliable and which offer an attractive appearance that blends in tastefully with whatever type of furniture they are attached to.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers unparalleled choice with all of our components, and casters are no exception. With dozens of products to choose from, we provide three main types of attachment – plate types casters which are mounted using screws, threaded bolts which screw into a prepared recess, and insert bolts which clip into a recessed socket.

We supply casters in single and twin wheel varieties, as well as ball casters that provide convenient 360 degree maneuvering. Most of our wheel casters are available with and without brakes, and with a choice of swivel and non-swivel varieties. Our innovative dual brake casters include a double footswitch lever, with one switching swivel on and off, and the other locking the wheel.

We make use of numerous different materials to give our casters different properties and finishes. Stainless steel is used to give caster bodies and mounting attachments strength, with our most heavy duty products able to bear loads of up to 200kgf. Polyamide bodies and wheels, on the other hand, balance durability and wear resistance with lighter weight. Elastomer wheel coatings help to ensure smooth, silent motion while maintaining a good grip with any kind of surface. We also use rubber and polyurethane wheels on some of our heavier duty products.

Levelling glides, legs and bases

Sugatsune levelling glides offer two-way adjustment for ensuring stationary furniture sits secure and stable on any type of surface. First, all of our glides are height adjustable, allowing them to be screwed in or out independently to cope with any slants in the surface until the unit above sits level. Second, most also offer a tilt function, meaning they can adjust to any unevenness in the portion of floor they sit on. Some of our glides offer a maximum tilt of up to 30 degrees.

One of our most innovative support products is our MDSF ‘sway foot’ glide. With this glide, a controlled amount of free movement is allowed between bolt and base to absorb shocks and vibrations. For small tremors, such as those that might be caused by heavy footsteps or passing traffic, the bolt can ‘sway’ over the base slightly to prevent the motion passing up into the main cabinet. But even for larger tremors like earthquakes, the sway foot counters the movement by allowing the base to slide over the floor. This is an ideal solution for display cases or for any kind of unit housing valuable or delicate equipment.

We supply glides designed for furniture of all shapes and sizes, with heavy duty varieties able to bear loads of up to 4500kgf, and a choice of long and short stem lengths depending on the amount of height adjustment required. Most of our glides are manufactured from stainless steel for strength and durability, but we use a range of different materials for bases and base caps to achieve the right kind of friction on different surfaces to prevent slipping.

We design our glides to ensure height adjustment is as straightforward as possible, even with the furniture in position. Most of our glides feature bolts that can be adjusted using a wrench. We also offer products that feature a clever double structure base and cover which means adjustment can be made without lifting the unit.

As well as levelling glides, our catalogue also includes the RTL-KUS, a height adjustable table leg ideal for worksurfaces. It makes use of a telescopic system that is simply lifted to extend/increase the height of the leg, with pre-set, click-in catch points. To lower the table, the RTL-KUS is simply lifted to its maximum stroke to release the lock and pushed down.

Finally, our range also includes a choice of office chair bases which can be supplied with or without casters.

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