Sugatsune handles are a cut above the ordinary. Our goal is to craft beautiful products across a wide range of styles that pull you in with their exceptional quality and elegant form.

Look around any home or place of work, and you quickly realise how ubiquitous handles, pulls and knobs are. On cabinets and fitted units of all types and sizes – anywhere you can find doors, drawers, lids or flaps, in fact – you can bet on finding a handle of one type or another.

About Handles, Pulls & Knobs

Function wise, the workings of handles and pulls needs no explanation. In terms of practical requirements, a solid fitting, a strong build and a grip appropriate to the weight of the door or lid about sums it up.

But being so straightforward in use has its advantages. It leaves plenty of room to focus on style and aesthetics. At Sugatsune, we understand how important handles, pulls and knobs often are to cabinet makers, designers and architects looking to add that final little flourish to a product or a concept.

With hundreds of individual items to choose from, our aim is to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for every handgrip they will ever need. Available in dozens of shapes, sizes, styles and in materials ranging from stainless steel to wood, titanium to nylon, every single one of our handles, pulls and knobs is exclusively designed, developed and engineered to the highest standards by our expert in-house teams.

Handles by brand

Zwei L

For the ultimate in contemporary elegance, nothing matches the peerless quality of our ultra-premium Zwei L range. Top grade SUS316 stainless steel is pressed into designs inspired by the ‘golden ratio’, the formula for natural balance, and then meticulously polished using artisanal techniques adopted from the jewellery trade. The result is a series of products that turn handles into centrepieces, pulls into statements – elegantly proportioned, invitingly smooth, catching the eye with the play of twin light, or ‘Zwei Lichter’, that reflects off the contrasting mirrored and satin finishes.

Perfect for exclusive modern interiors in the kitchen, bathroom, office or retail space, the Zwei L series includes bar and D-shaped handles and an innovative range of knob designs covering classic rounded shapes, minimalist oblongs and unique hook-like protruding styles. The Zwei L range also includes the ZL-1908, a beautiful push knob which sits completely flush with its surroundings, leaving surfaces smooth and uniform, until the button is pressed to release the pull.


The PXB series is all about adding character to interiors with expressive designs casting a glance to classic styles. Inspired by a rustic, earthly aesthetic, PXB handles and knobs incorporate a generous amount of burnished bronze to give a rugged, time-worn finish. The aged look is a perfect complement to timber cabinets and doors.


As a company, our Japanese heritage is very important to us here at Sugatsune, and we are proud of the rich engineering traditions we draw upon and continue. Sometimes, we delve a little deeper into our cultural history for inspiration, too. Our Tamazusa range of knobs, door and lever handles carry echoes of Shogun era culture into modern designs. Their delicate and subtle curves are inspired by the traditional Ryusui flowing water motif that frequently occurs in classical Japanese art, while the 24-carat gold plate finish is a reminder of the wealth of our collective past.

TB Handles

Developed for use in industrial settings, TB stands for ‘toughness and beautility’ – beautility itself being shorthand for beauty and utility, the classic Sugatsune balance of form and function. What our TB Handles range demonstrates is that components designed to be hard-wearing and practical don’t have to lack in aesthetic value – which is why TB products have become equally popular for interior design and, in particular, architectural applications.

TB Handles are ergonomically designed with careful attention paid to the shape of the grip so they feel comfortable and natural in the hand. The range includes an innovative range of reinforced nylon products with interchangeable coloured caps which, in workplaces, can be used to colour code different spaces and departments.

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