From domestic bathrooms to public conveniences, in cloakrooms, changing rooms and in bars, pubs and restaurants, hooks and other types of mounted holder provide a basic convenience.

They might not be the first thing anybody notices when they use a bathroom or the changing room in a clothes store. But people would sure miss them if they weren’t there.

At Sugatsune, we don’t believe in taking either the utility or the visual impact of hooks for granted. Small as they may be, hooks matter. And we design and make our hooks with the care and attention they deserve.

About Hooks

With one of the biggest ranges of hooks designed for domestic and commercial interiors available on the market, our aim is to offer a solution for every purpose, to fit with every theme or concept. As well as hooks in dozens of different sizes, types and designs, we also produce towel bars and paper holders for bathrooms.

Every individual item is manufactured with the utmost attention to detail and with build quality top of our priorities. But as with every product, we also apply another of our core values – design matters, for hooks and holders as for every other type of component we produce.

Our design experts make sure the hooks you choose are more than just reliable. We aim to make sure they fit with the aesthetic vision of your interior design and add to the overall effect. We use only the very best materials – high grade stainless steel, aluminium, resin, wood, brass and more – chosen for their strength and durability as well as to fit with a wide range of styles.

To that end, we produce hooks as part of our Zwei L range, our in-house ultra-premium brand which utilises artisanal polishing techniques to achieve exquisite quality finishes. We also offer a large selection of products within our PXB themed series, which covers concepts such as sophisticated wooden and leather chic, rustic pseudo-aged brass and brightly coloured rubber ideal for nurseries and other child-friendly environments.

Hooks by type

Standard hooks

Our standard hook range covers a rich variety of types and designs – everything from simple straight pegs to pronounced curves, angular L- and tick-shaped varieties to double and triple boards. While we produce hooks in a range of materials such as wood, rubber and aluminium alloy, the mainstay of our standard range is stainless steel, which we favour for its strength, durability and resistance to tarnishing.

In terms of size, we supply everything from slimline magnetic hooks designed for easy, flexible installation to hold lightweight items, all the way up to large utility hooks intended to hold bulkier objects that might otherwise have to be stored on the floor, with load bearing capacities for our most heavyweight hooks heading up towards 50kgf.

Latch hooks

Latch hooks are designed to ensure nothing slips off, with a carabiner-like clip which closes once an item is loaded on. Our latch hooks are built with durability and strength in mind, manufactured from tough SUS316 stainless steel and with load bearing capacities of up to 40kgf. Most of our latch hooks use a spring mechanism to automatically close the clip once an item is loaded on, plus we have a lockable version for heightened security.

Swing hooks

We supply swing hooks that pivot through a vertical or horizontal plane for extra flexibility and convenience in positioning. Our range includes wall and wall/ceiling mount varieties, with the latter including ‘butterfly’ hooks, which have hinged bodies that can be mounted on corners and edges as well as flat surfaces. Rotating hooks can turn through 360 degrees for additional positional flexibility. All of our swing hooks are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel for strength, with products offering a maximum load capacity of up to 50kgf.

Recessed hooks

These smart products provide the ideal solution when you want the benefits of a hook without having one protruding out full time. Whether it is out of safety concerns in tight spaces like toilets or changing cubicles, or just for the sake of appearances, a recessed hook tucks the arm away out of sight whenever there is nothing loaded on it. Similarly, our counter hooks designed for the underside of bars, tables and other horizontal surfaces automatically retract to lie flat when not in use.

Most of our products use a spring mechanism to close the arm automatically once an item is removed, while we also offer products that incorporate Sugatsune’s exclusive soft close technology for a superior smooth, controlled motion.

Panel and frame hangers

Sugatsune hanging solutions are designed to combine simplicity with complete reliability. Our AUH aluminium panel hangers are ideal for the quick and convenient mounting of removable panels of the sort frequently used in exhibitions or art installations. With a maximum load capacity of 30kgf, they provide push-to-mount, pull-to-remove functionality and leave a gap of just 5mm to the wall. We also manufacture stainless steel frame hangers designed for maximum loads of up to 10kgf.

Towel bars and paper holders

Sugatsune towel bars and paper holders are designed to add a classy finishing touch to any bathroom. The majority of our towel holder products form part of our designer Zwei L and PXB ranges, which balance exceptional build quality with eye-catching style.

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