CTB Series Countertop Hardware

Create additional counter space with Sugatsune’s counter brackets. Brackets can be added to countertops or walls. It is recommended for a wide range of applications such as kitchen counters, store display shelves, and eating spaces. Choose from a wide variety of high-grade finishes and unique shapes.

Use in the kitchen, to utilise more counter space when serving food.

Cables can be threaded through the posts, making it convenient for storing home appliances on the additional counter space.

Retail Stores

For creating multi-level display shelves

Restaurants & Cafes

For eating spaces

Mounting Types Line Up

[ Countertop ] [ Countertop ] [ Wall Mounting ]
[ Arm Angle ] Surface Mounting Backside Mounting Surface Mounting
60° CTB65-PMS60-240 CTB50-PM60-170CTB65-PM60-170 CTB65-VM60-300
90° CTB65-PMS90-270 CTB65-PM90-200


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6 results

Products per page
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